How to Create an Engaging Environment and Make Your Business Soar

The latest Gallup Poll shows that a whopping 53% of employees are not engaged at work, and 13% are disengaged, including some whose actions will negatively impact the company. That leaves only 34% of employees who are engaged and actively working to bring creativity, productivity, and growth to your company. That means we have a lot of work to do if we want our employees and our companies to flourish.

To win customers – and a greater share of the marketplace – companies must first win the hearts and minds of their employees. I have spent the past few weeks working with Dr. Andy Koehl, Dr. Carly McCabe, and Mary Roddy of Roberts Wesleyan College on a webinar, Excellence: Ethics in the Workplace. You may wonder, how does ethics play a role in engagement and business success. As we worked together on the webinar, we found so many links between our backgrounds and how to create an environment in which employees feel they are in a safe environment, supported, and creative. All of those elements lead to customer satisfaction and business success. There are books and web articles documenting the ethical success stories of companies like Starbucks, Zappos, General Mills, The Gap, Cisco and others.

How can you succeed like these companies have? One of the first steps is to create a vision of where the company is going. You will have to envision what the environment in the company will look like and how it will interact with employees and customers. Next, you will need to reflect on your core values and the core values of your company. Then create guidelines for ethical behavior and decision-making so your employees feel empowered and able to take action without fear of punishment or dismissal. Those work guidelines, values, and the identity of all employees should match with those they live by when not at work. That creates integrity. When employees live with integrity, they are delighted, motivated, and engaged.

Next, you will need to bring those values and guidelines to life. Hanging a banner on the wall with the company’s mission and values will not cause the employees to act following the guidelines. Stories of values in action will paint pictures of how they should act and how others were rewarded for their ethical behavior. The reward is not merely do this, and you will get a check, but rather in forms of recognition, self-esteem, a feeling of contributing to a purpose greater than one’s self.

You can find positive stories of ethical behavior on the Internet and in many books on the topic. Also, each year, Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility selects the top 100 companies that are ethical and profitable. They publish stories relating to situations in which the companies displayed ethical behavior. You can also find case studies of dilemmas and then hold lunch and learn discussion sessions asking what would you do?

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When to Use Double Sided PVC Vinyl Banners

Double Sided Vinyl Banners have long been an effective way to advertise! They can be used for any kind of event imaginable and can also be permanent fixtures in commercial establishments.

Why Choose Double Sided Vinyl Banners?

Double Sided Vinyl Banners will double your chances of attracting the eyes of your potential customers. You have the opportunity to captivate customers from all directions. We all know the simple fact is true that the more people who see your banner, the better your odds of gaining customers.

Hanging in a central location in your establishment, a two-sided banner is highly effective. For example, a banner placed above a central bar in a lounge could let the entire place know about the drink special or upcoming events.

Such large format print could be placed in front of your business so that it is easily seen by traffic going both directions. They also work extremely well for organizations that represent themselves in parades. A bright, descriptive printed display will really get noticed.

They are twice as strong as Single-Sided Vinyl Banners. To construct a banner that has two sides, we actually stitch two individual banners together. They are quality banners that are designed to hold up beautifully during indoor or outdoor use. They are easy to keep clean, too. Simply wipe them with a damp cloth and they’ll shine like they’re brand new.

Are Double Sided Vinyl Banners Better Than Single Sided Ones?

Single Sided Vinyl Banners can be quite useful, but your options for use are more limited. You may, at present, expect to use your banner in one location, mounted against a wall and that’s all well and good. But suppose your needs changed or you come up with a great way to use your banner in a prime spot?

Suddenly, you realize you should have invested in a Double Sided Vinyl Banners in order to maximize your advertising potential. Keep in mind that a Double-Sided print can be hung on a wall so that only one side is showing.

Another factor to consider is that you can opt to have to different messages-one on each side. For instance, one side might feature the name and logo of your establishment while the other side lists the name of the brands you feature.

If your place of business has an annual event, one side of your banner could be designed for use specifically during that event. You might even consider using one side of your banner to welcome your customers and the opposite side to thank them for coming in. Having a Double-Sided Vinyl Banner gives you more room for creativity!

Designing Your Double Sided Vinyl Banner

When you’re deciding how you want your banner to look, think about the audience you are trying to attract and cater your design to their tastes and preferences. Also, it is fundamental to make sure that all lettering on your banner is completely legible. Fancy script that is difficult to decipher will not be effective on a banner. Make sure the lettering is large enough to be seen from a reasonable distance.

Establish the banner as your own by including your eye-catching logo. If your brand is recognizable, you will want to stick with a design and layout that has proven successful. If you’re trying to create an identity, choose your colors and your words carefully because your banner is going to represent your business. Make yourself distinctive

Once you receive your Double Sided Vinyl Banner, you’ll be overjoyed with the advertising power it packs. A well-designed two-sided print can create an identity for your business and make you memorable to customers. Printed with your logo and the name of your business, your large format display can become a way for your customers to quickly locate your establishment.

It’s also a great way to advertise special promotions or sales. You can even use them seasonally. For example, a warm Christmas wish from your business to your customers would be an effective use for a Double-Sided Vinyl Banner.

Double Sided Vinyl Banners are Effective

Whether you place it outside your store to draw customers in or inside your store to let customers know about the best deals, you’ll soon find that your Double-Sided Vinyl Banners has more than paid off the initial investment.

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DIY Guide: Make Your Own Soccer Pennant Banner

If you are looking for a DIY method to make a custom football pennant, you are on the right page. Ideally, the whole process will be easier if you use a real pennant as a guide. This will make it more convenient for you to get the measurements. So, let’s get started and go through the practical aspect of the project.

As said earlier, make sure you get a real product for assistance. For instance, you can purchase one yard of felt as well. Next, you can free-hand the number cutting. Ideally, you can cut one number a bit smaller than the previous number for a layered look. Actually, the idea is to ensure the numbers are of the right size for the pennant. If you can get the shape right, you can get the job done in the first stage. Next, stitching should be done.

Also, make sure you sew the top and sides of a tall rectangle to the pennant’s left side, which will make a rod pocket. This rod pocket will be used for the dowel.

The dowel rods are not expensive. You can get each piece for less than a dollar. So, the cost won’t be a problem if you are worried about your budget. It’s better to get a few extra dowel rods in case you make a mistake during the process. You can use the spare dowel rods in this situation.

You can use a tool like a branch trimmer to cut them into two pieces. The one on the extreme right side is for your private use. If you are making it for your daughter, make sure to keep the length short. One benefit of shorter dowels is that your daughter can keep better control over it.

You need to make sure the dowel is secured in the pocket, which is necessary to prevent the dowel from flying towards the stands of visitors the first time it’s waved. Make sure you mark the ending points of the rod pocket. You can use a sharpie marker or finger hold.

Your next step is to get a piece of duct tape (it should be 6″ inches long). Once you have it, you should cut it in half. This will give you two small pieces. Beginning a bit above the marked point, you should wrap the tape around. Next, you should add the other piece over it.

Here it’s important to note that the outer strips tend to work as a stopper. Therefore, the strip that faces out won’t slide down or up. On the other hand, the inner strip offers just the right amount of grip to the rod pocket. This way you won’t lose your pennant. Moreover, the grip shouldn’t be so strong that removing the dowel becomes impossible at the end of the season. After all, you need to use the same pennant next year as well.

So, this is the entire DIY procedure to make your own soccer pennant. The making will be easier if you follow the guidelines given in this article.

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How To Make Banner Ads Attractive And Realize Online Marketing Goals?

We are now in the digital world where technology shapes the way we live. Brands are not immune to changes brought forward by constant advancements in the technology. Take for instance, the norms of marketing have completely changed with digital taking precedence over traditional. From mobile to social to e-mail to content, the routes of marketing have evolved and entered an altogether different territory. With more people going online and socializing than they ever did, it’s now the turn of brands to head where all the prospects lie. They have to advertise and tap into the ever-exploding potential of the internet world.

In a way, brands have to leverage different techniques and methods of advertising to catch the attention of their target audience, including existing customers and prospective ones. To catch attention, effective marketing campaigns and attractive ads will be needed as they stir imagination and demand some sort of attention. Banner ads have to aesthetically impeccable as only they can they make the heads roll. In a way, your banner ads have to stand out from the sea of campaigns unfurled by other marketers. For that to happen, you need to have a team of creative and experienced graphic designers with, of course, proven credentials.

What if your small business can’t afford any investment in hiring designers? What should be the strategy when the budget is relatively too small to hire creative people? In such scenario, the only option is to design banners ads by own or explore the market to find any advanced tool for the same purpose. It’d be great if you could find a tool as in that case, a lot of time and money would be saved that otherwise get spent on manual efforts. Finding such a tool, and an advanced one at that, means getting the freedom of designing your own banner ads.

What’s more, having a tool will also give the benefit of creating multiple designs at one go and then choosing the one that suits the marketing requirements in the best possible way. With the tool doing all what is needed, a business then won’t need to hire a designer to produce several mock-ups of the banner design. Given so many benefits attached with the tool, it’d really be a great decision to get that one and let the business benefit, at least on the banner designing front. Options are many in the market and you should choose a tool that delivers speed and responsiveness.

In addition, a business should always select a tool that provides multi-browser support feature. The tool won’t serve the purpose beyond a point if it is not compatible with device such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It should enable adding of text, arches effects; should help upload images, rotate texts & images; facilitate adding of shape & clip-art and changing of background. What’s more, the chosen banner designing software or tool should come packed with a huge selection of themes and templates to bring more ideas and more creativity into play.

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Edgy Banner Ads Raking In Traffic

The word “competition” is always associated in internet marketing. In this fast changing industry, every smart internet marketer is accustomed with a very tight competition. A strong competition is the reason why many have not stopped looking for internet marketing strategies that can help them or their websites. They actively look for the friendliest, most efficient, practical, edgiest and fastest solution to complement their strategies. Smart internet marketers have found one unique kind of internet marketing strategy that uses images and other forms of graphics so it appears to be more creative.

Welcome to the world of BANNER ADVERTISING. One of the most reliable online solution in helping one rake in valuable traffic. But how do you make an edgy banner ad? Something that will stand out and has 80% chances to be clicked – let me start my bullet here.

There are various computer tools that can be used in designing banner advertisements. There are also online tools freely available that creates banner graphic designs in a flash. These techniques offer various programs and ways in creating banner advertisements. Doing your own research or watching online videos on how to use these online tools is very essential in helping you utilize these materials efficiently. It is highly recommended that you have a vision first of how you want your Banner Advertisement to look like then maybe hire a graphics or web guy to assist you along the way.

There’s no really difference with the PAID PROGRAMS compared to the FREE PROGRAMS in creating graphics or enhancing photos. All you need basically is a creative mind and just devote time to play with the tools that you have. These programs allow you to choose your desired shape, color, and other effects in your banner. In this way, you can bring out the creative side of the user because the user can decide the appearance of their banners.

There are also some techniques that allow the users to combine images and videos. Other tools also allow users to use only images, logo, short messages, shapes, and other symbols. Again, these choices will allow the user to be more creative. Here’s a standard format of an Edgy Banner Ad:

1. Not too much text in the banner. One or two liners will do.

2. Being Minimalistic is the key.

3. If you’re putting in some animation, don’t make it more than 10 seconds

4. Put in something that your target market is looking for

5. The background of your banner ad shouldn’t overpower your text

As you can see, banner advertisement is the most unique, edgy and appealing strategy compared to other kinds of online advertisement. It enjoys lesser competition and a variety of advantages to promote one’s site. By following the standard format in creating edgy banner advertisements, you’ll definitely go a long way with your Traffic Building and Internet Marketing. See you at the Top!

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Features To Look For In A Top Banner Design Tool

There was a time when only big players of the domain enjoyed all the advertising benefits on offer. Small entities had absolutely no chance to compete against the financial might of big brands. They had to settle with whatever little their advertising budget could afford. A similar story played out in the digital world where big businesses walked away with the lion’s share of banner advertising and left virtually nothing for their small brothers. All this came to an end with the arrival of tools that could help create amazing designs for banner ads. Since then, a level playing field has been established in the domain.

The scenario is changed now as small businesses can easily compete with big players of the domain as they have tools for help. They too can get as charming and attractive banner ads as big entities and they too can spread their messages in the digital world with an effortless ease. They needn’t even bother about hiring a team of graphic designers to get awesome designs for banner ads. They can, in fact, hope to stand out in the market on the basis their sustained efforts in banner advertising, and also on the basis of some amazing ads.

All this has become possible because the market is now flooded with tools that help businesses design their own ads and leverage banner advertising to core. Such tools can help anyone create multiple designs at once and then select the best from the available lot. What’s more, these tools let your small business save some serious money, time and efforts that are otherwise needed with banner advertising. In a way, banner advertising is no longer the preserve of only those that have a deep purse to splurge without any care in the world. Rather, its benefits are available to one and all and that too, in an equal manner.

With so much benefits to avail, it makes a lot of sense for us to understand those tools well and then try to leverage them in a superior manner. We should know that most of those tools are PHP-coded and they are highly responsive in nature. Similarly, they support all major web browsers in the world and deliver compatibility across devices or screen sizes. Using them, it’s easy to add text and arches effects, upload images and rotate texts and images. They can be used to change background, add art and save all those designs with ease. More so, a lot of templates and themes come packed with these tools.

Quite clearly, businesses now have a chance to select from some of the best banner design software to score big with banner advertising. These tools are helpful in many ways and they help businesses gain a lot with banner advertising despite being short on resources. They not only make advertising campaigns a success but also restore the much-needed sanity in a domain where big players have always dominated the scene. These tools are a great chance for small businesses to realize their true potential and achieve success. After all, it takes a lot to convert users into prospects.

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Getting Massive Traffic To Your Website With Banners

Banner advertising is not only cheap and affordable but it can also get massive traffic to your website if you it right.

Many online marketers simply wasted time and money advertising with banners without achieving their intended results which obviously is traffic because they have no idea how to go about advertising with banners.

If you think you can slap a banner advertisement on your website and wait for the money to roll into your bank account, you are hugely mistaken.

Here are some steps you can take to improve your banner advertising strategies and get those traffic stats soaring. Remember, not only are banners cheap to create they are affordable to advertise as well.

Take a look at your current banners. Are they creating enough attention to capture the interest of your targeted audience?

Whatever your niche is, your main concern is to command attention through the title and topic on your banners. It has to trigger a response from your intended audience.

You need to make your readers curious and convince them that they should click on your banner so that you can show them what exactly they needed. It is important that your initial effort of creating attention translate into clicks and ultimately the content of the website that the clicks bring to should be able to do the selling for you.

When you write your ads on your banners, think of a way to invoke the emotions of your readers. For example if you are targeting insomniacs, your banner ad could have the following words in them such as, “Can’t Sleep Tonight?” or “Stop Losing Sleep Again…”

Banner advertising is just like any other text advertising but you enhance your ads with a certain amount of high impact graphics which appeal to the viewers.

If you can appeal to your viewers and persuade them to click on you banners, get reader for massive traffic back to your website. All you have to do now is market your banners aggressively.

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Attractive Banner Designs to Get Your Customers Clicking

The top most priority of a business house is that of exposure to the mass of common people so that it can earn maximum earnings from the traffic that visits its website. Fruitful conversions of the traffic from just being visitors on the website to being actual customers depends on a lot upon the website. It is often said that content is king, but obviously you can not do without a good presentable and impressive banner. A web banner is actually the first thing that any individual notices when he lands on a particular website. Thus, it is important to remember that there is a dire need of a jazzy and eye-catching banner so as make a good impression.

If a web banner is dumb and lame then chances are that the audience loses interest and shifts to other interesting websites. The audience mostly likes to browse through colorful and well- designed website. The attention span of an average customer is very small so the first few seconds of the interaction between him and the website is very important to decide that whether he would accept the services of the company or not. A catchy web banner will invite more and more visitors to the site in the form of readers, clients, and subscribers. It is important to know that a particular website represents a particular business house or an individual. If it happens that your website is defined by colorful and snazzy colors then the visitors will also perceive you as a colorful person owning the website. A blob of your personality is reflected in the website and it is important that you tower high above your competitors. A particularly popular website has within it the quality of a good banner to make peddling wares easy and comfortable for the customers.

It is possible to influence the customers with a powerful web banner. Moreover, it is important to note that the web banners used for advertisements are regarded as the cheapest form of advertisements. A particular market can be targeted by the means of an appropriate web banner. Moreover, with the passage of days the banners are becoming more and more daring and stylish attractive and creative. When an individual lingers on a website to check the web banner twice then it must be said that the web banner is doing its job. It is a challenge to create great banners so that great graphical designers can be represented by the skilled designers. The best of graphic designers use a whole lot of latest IT tools inclusive of the Flash GIF and static JPEG formats. There are a whole number of companies out there who are doing the work of developing and designing web banners. Website success is only about the increase of footfall of the audience and also about the conversion of the mere audience into buyers of the goods and services. If you want a good website banner, then you have to know about the concept of the flash banner and Adobe Photoshop. The best banner design service is available from some of the most well-known graphic designing companies.

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Do Wholesale Flag Banners Have Warranty?

A flag banner wholesaler, with the inclusion of mounting systems, such as hanging hardware, pole banner hardware, and poles that display feather banners, teardrop banners, and flag banners, to name a few, is a company that can sell to a protected dealer market, or sell at wholesale pricing to any category of client – typically businesses – that they choose to sell to or through.

What is a flag banner wholesaler?

Traditionally, in the US, a wholesaler was a company that might specialize in a few products within a narrow category, say, banners or outdoor flags and the like, who would sell to resellers in specific markets, e.g. California, New York or Georgia, in “protected territories.” In other words, if you had the contract to sell banners from XYZ Banner Manufacturing in the state of Georgia, you could not sell to clients in California or any other state/territory, as assigned by XYZ Banner Manufacturing (a fictitious entity, by the way, as far as we know).

Other company’s, such as the fictitious ABC Banner Company, might sell wholesale to anyone who could prove to them that they had a resellers permit or license, such as a website that might sell nationwide or worldwide. This type of client would not have any territorial restrictions, and much of what is sold in the US today, especially if sources offshore, would be examples of this type of wholesale seller.

The last category, which has become very common in the last couple of decades, are companies who sell “wholesale to business,” to the exclusion of most private buyers (consumers). These companies have developed this type of “wholesaling” in response to ever increasing price pressure in their markets, and often source offshore to augment shrinking profit margins or simply as opportunistic and allegedly forward thinking resellers.

All wholesaler’s sell below consumer price levels, which is what the base definition of a wholesaler is, but as you can see, there are many variations on that business model, and it is up to the individual businesses to decide how to implement themselves in this type of market.

What is a warranty?

Wholesale Flag Banners rarely carry a warranty, which is a promise, in essence, to replace the banner if anything goes wrong with it.

What is the reason for the lack of warranty on such items?

Namely, because the seller has no control of how it is hung or displayed. If the banner is displayed indoors, they will never need a warranty if the product is made from quality polyester or polyvinylchloride (also known as PVC or just plain “vinyl”), and printed with top quality inks from Japan, the US, Germany, Italy, or Korea.

If the banners are displayed/installed out-of-doors, all bets are off due to the sun, wind, and other inclement weather conditions that the manufacturer/wholesaler has no control over.

Your best bet as a client is to make sure that the manufacturer of wholesale flags and banners uses the best polyester materials and nylon webbing reinforcing in the hems/seams in order to resist inclement weather conditions, although sunlight cannot be stopped and is the leading cause of deterioration in banner longevity, along with high winds.

Wholesaler License

How do you obtain a wholesaler license? It depends.

Our company, for instance, distributes for various manufacturers that do not issue wholesale contracts for protected territories, so there is no need for any type of licensing.

If a company issues “licensing” to protected territories, it is not a government stamp of approval saying that your company is a licensed wholesaler, per se, but as a company policy, you would be approved as a wholesale vendor for that company’s products and/or services.

Flag Banner Printing – Printing Method(s)

Some of our clients, at least those who like to know how things work, have asked about the processes used to print flags and banners, so here goes…

Unlike DTF (direct-to-fabric) printing, our printers use the “dye sublimation” printing method, which uses a CMYO dye set (that stands for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Clear) rather that the traditional CMYK (that stands for the same thing except the K is black whereas the O is clear, but they ultimately both end up black).

With direct printing, the banner flag is printed with a series of tiny ink dots which vary with color saturation. Using ink is a one step process, and can be done on both vinyl and fabric banners.

However, there is a difference with dye sublimation printing.

Dye sublimation works like this – using the aforementioned CMYO dye set, the digital printer is used to print a transfer paper with the desired image. The paper is matched up to the appropriately sized polyester fabric – which may be one of many weights and finishes from knits to poly silks to light box fabrics to outdoor “canvas” – then fed through heated rollers at about 400F at about 400 lbs. of pressure.

As the paper and fabric enter the heated and pressurized rollers, the dye on the paper (due to the heat) is converted to a gaseous dye, whilst the cells within the poly-fabric, simultaneously, open like a flower in the sun, and the dye infuses the cell with color, which then closes up with the color in the cells as the fabric cools.

This process is more akin to film developing than digital printing, as the heat and pressure combination create a continuous tone like a photograph rather than dots simulating continuous tones that is the process digital printing uses. The dye also has become integral to the fabric, and does not sit on top of the fabric as ink does (the appropriate inks do adhere to fabrics very well, but not the same method and in our opinion, slightly lower quality printing).

Do wholesalers send samples?

I can’t speak for other flag banner wholesalers, but I would think most will. We do.

It would be difficult to visualize the various materials available if you’re not familiar with them, so it would be unwise on our part not to send samples if requested.

We send out our most popular materials, twelve to be exact, to most clients. Slight variations in weight and finish of the fabrics are available as well, but most of our clients find what they need from the dozen samples we send out on request.

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How to Design a Fabric Banner for Printing

Using fabric banners for business marketing and events is a classy way to go if you plan to display your banners indoors. There are many reasons to opt for fabric over vinyl banners. First of all, if you have your fabric banner printing done by a reputable company, you should get a 3-5 year guarantee that it will not fade. Secondly, it allows for extremely vivid colors while vinyl is rather limited. Lastly, the printed fabrics are available in many different sizes-even custom sizes-to fit your business’ needs.

Effective Design is Half the Battle

If you’ve decided to design your own fabric banner, there are some very important factors to keep in mind before you deliver the final copy for printing. Following, you’ll find a checklist that you can use to make sure your design is flawless!

  • Decide upon the banner material before you create your design. Make sure you select the material that will best display your message. You can have your printing done on satin, polyester, or tri-poplin. Fabrics are available in different weights, too. The heavier the better, generally speaking. Lighter cloth is going to wear out faster with the exception of polyester duck fabric which is both lightweight and durable.
  • When you are designing your fabric banner, keep the scope of your message simple. Limiting the number of words in your message makes your message more powerful. Adding too many words or too much information will make it confusing to the potential customers or participants you are trying to reach. Keep it precise and to the point.
  • The font that you use is of ultimate importance to the effectiveness of your banner display. The lettering must be plain and easily legible. Although you may be attracted to fancier fonts, remember the plain truth of the matter is that if people can’t read your sign, it’s not going to inform or motivate them to act. Also, your lettering should be large enough to be read from a distance.
  • Do you already have a logo or a brand identity? If so, carry that over to your banner design to be consistent and reinforce the visual appearance of your brand in order to make it immediately recognizable to customers. This rule goes beyond fabric banner printing and applies to any online or paper advertising you may do.
  • Use colors carefully in your design. Don’t let the palette overload your message. You want to be particularly cautious when using colored lettering. It may be readable to you just because you already know what it says!
  • Always consult with an expert before sending your final draft to print. Most reputable banner printing companies have employees on staff who are trained and experienced with effective graphic designs. You might be able to get some great ideas about your layout or the placement of graphics. Keep your mind open and use the suggestions they give you.

Retractable Banners are a Functional Option

If your fabric banner is one that you’ll be using repeatedly, a retractable design is a great idea. The banner is on a roller that enables you to pull it down to display it or retract it when you don’t want it displayed or are putting it in storage. Retractable banners are easy to move around or to take along to business meetings to show off your brand.

Displaying Your Fabric Banner

The fabric banner printing company should send the necessary hardware you’ll need to display your banner. Displaying it correctly is very important. You want it to stay put! Nothing is less impressive than a banner that’s in the process of falling down, wrinkled, or rolled up. Most fabric banners are hung with poles. A pole pocket is sewn into the banner at the top and bottom. The poles are made with eyelets in the ends so you can hang them with string or rope. A smaller pole is threaded through the bottom to help the banner hang straight.

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