Graphic Designing: Digital Graphic Design

In this day and age, iPhones are fast becoming ‘must have’ smartphone and most people have either seen one or own one. This and other similar devices can have a massive affect on printed material and advertising matter. People can download newspapers, read Shakespeare and download their favourite bestseller all from the convenience of their armchair. Over time, the need for printed matter has rapidly declined. Graphic designers have now learned completely new skill sets about animation and filmmaking and on making their digital designs more concrete.

Although this perspective might be too apocalyptic, the reality is that graphic designers have to understand how they can present informational and visual factors on screens and in printed material. It is a fact that digital design includes several elements that go beyond visual elements, such as interaction, coding, information about hardware and architecture and some electronic skills. However, the skills of a designer are what we see in grids, composition and typography, which bring visual clarity to the complicated information presented on screen.

Possessing digital expertise is just a part of the process and does not require any debate. Almost every designing project done today has some kind of animated version, so this is something designers have to deal with.

While print is static, visual information on the screen is dynamic and interactive, and this makes graphic design increasingly challenging. The upcoming digital graphics projects will work only with solid grounding in typography as its foundation.

Graphic designers will always have to deal with type, and typesetting on computers makes it more accessible, because now everyone can set type, although it does still need basic perceptions of the skill. The grid structure that is used in typography provides a framework for good type layout and for colour and blocks. It is like a craft that the user can get better at with the passage of time.

Digital design has brought about new kinds of production collaborations. While the earlier graphic designer used to work with a printer, the designer of today has to work with the code developer.

The digital design phenomenon carries great influence. Logo design styles displayed by web 2.0 online services have manipulated the offline corporate identity too. The distinctive identities designed in Web 2.0 have bright gradients, soft lines and reflections that can now be produced in print because of advanced digital printing technology that does not need numerous runs for every colour.

A safe conclusion to be reached is that graphic design companies may have to do an increasing amount of work for digital screens, yet print is not dead and the next generation of a typical graphic design company will do a large amount of work with animation and sound, and numerous other multimedia implementations. The conventional groundings in typography, composition and grid structures are likely to continue as the foundation for effective and strong visual communication.

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Ideas That Might Ruin Your Presentation

Are you unable to grab enough audience although you are working with one of the best presentation design company? Why? Because, you might just be doing it the wrong way. To make your presentation effective and one of the best presentation designs simultaneously, you need time and proper planning. But what’s the use of creating one, if it doesn’t convert your audience or let’s say at least grab their attention? So here are some mistakes that you dare not make in your target towards an effective presentation.

Not using enough white space:

Experimenting with too much colors is not what a business presentation demands. Colors are good but when it comes to corporate presentation designs, you need to be extra careful while choosing colors. Not using enough white space can be a major mistake when it comes to corporate presentations. White space promotes clarity and makes the slide content look cleaner. This may enhance your audience’s attention towards your presentation.

Using too much text:

We understand that you have a lot to convey to your audience. But stuffing too much information in every slide is irrelevant. Make sure your designing company knows this for a fact. Because your audience is not going to read any of those slides line by line. And even if they did, they wouldn’t understand any of it. All they need is a gist of what you want to convey. They simply need to know how your presentation is useful for them. That’s it. So, minimum texts and explaining the rest is what you need.

Using the same old graphics:

Let’s face it, the audience is bored of seeing the same old graphics. According to psychology, humans always want to see something new every time. Repetition bores them. Say goodbye to those in-stock graphics/images. Instead ask the presentation design company you’ve hired to try some more professional looking images that can grab you more audience.

Using a lot of Jargons:

Jargons are good but too many of them can spoil the language of your presentation. You need to understand that not everyone is well versed with Jargons. And repetitive usage might raise chances of misinterpretation among the audience. Ask the designing company to use Jargons sparingly and wisely so that it doesn’t spoil the presentation.

Too many slides:

You might not realize but your audience might just be losing interest, while you’re busy rushing from one slide to another. The audience needs time to absorb the content of one slide. And bombarding them with another one might just be a killer. Do not overload the audience with a lot of content in one go. It would make a simple thing look complicated. Ask the designing company to design few relevant slides only.

No coherency in Slides:

Before presenting to the audience, ensure if the slides are in flow. You should know which slide should be displayed first and which one later. Lack of a flow will distort the entire meaning of the presentation and the leave the audience confused. Maintaining the overall flow is therefore, a welcome step to create an effective presentation design.

No questions-answer round:

You cannot end your presentation without addressing the queries of the audience. As much as an effective presentation design is important, so is a question round at the end. And a lack of it might let your audience go with confused heads. So instead of ending the presentation vaguely, keep a separate section for questions, answer them confidently and there you go! You have a made a client already.

Not making a proper eye contact with the audience:

When it comes to confidence, eye contact plays a very important role. Clients/audience need assurance that they can trust you when it comes to your product/service. And it partially depends on the way you present. And it’s your responsibility rather than the presentation design company you’ve hired. If you consistently face your slides instead of the audience, they might have a tough time trusting you. This can further damage your reputation. Make sure you practice a lot before the final presentation to build up a confidence level.

Presentations and presentation designs are important part of your business deal. It’s the single chance you get with the audience to make them trust you. So, make sure you give your best. Don’t make the above mistakes and ruin that one chance with the audience. Find out where you go wrong, work on it and ace your next presentation!

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The Mentality of a Great Graphic Designer


What does this mean? Well, unless you are the design superman, who you are probably not, else you would not be reading this article, there is always going to be a graphic designer that is better, more original or simply a better business man than you are. You should acknowledge these people and learn from them. Analyze their work, their thought process and how they present themselves online.

We are lucky we work in a business that is largely based on the internet, so we have pretty much unlimited learning resources. Join design communities such as Dribbble, Behance and DeviantArt. Not only are they good for viewing and posting projects, they also give you ability to meet new people, possibly even friends. Swallow your pride, acknowledge other designers and grow with their help.


This is probably one of the most important qualities a designer should have. Plan your days, do not just wake up at 11AM and waste half of your day doing meaningless things. Be productive! It is really easy to get lost on the internet. Spend countless hours just browsing around, finding interesting things and allowing time to slowly drain away. I am not saying you need to work from 7AM to 9PM, far from it. We all need time to relax. I am talking about spending time on ridiculous things that are a distraction and help nobody.

I like to plan my day or maybe even a few days ahead each Sunday evening before going to bed. Set your goals for the week and think how you are going to achieve those goals. I am not saying you need to be a workaholic and spend your whole day in Photoshop or Illustrator, this might even have a negative effect. Learn how to manage your time and your work will improve from it as well.


This topic is easily explained in a few simple examples.

1. You just made an awesome logo design for a client. You present the logo to the client and he wants you to do some changes. But these changes will make your logo far worse and at that point you realize, that the client has no taste at all and is going to ruin your work.

Solution: First things first, try to reason with the client, use valid arguments. Make him realize your profession is being a graphic designer and you have studied and worked hard for years to get to this level.

2. You are working on a website for a client, but he wants to be constantly involved in the process and is making you do one million changes, all of them which you are doing free of charge. The website is taking longer than expected and your price was not set properly for such a project.

Solution: Explain the client your situation and try to reason with them. Either explain to the client so much changes will cost extra, or give them a limited number of changes you are willing to do. Keep in mind, this is also partially your own fault, because you did not explain the work process in the initial meeting, else this would not happen.

How to prevent all these problems before they even happen? Most of these problems can be prevented during the first meeting with the client. Explain your work process, the potential extra costs and what is included in your work. Think of every possible scenario and prevent it, before it can happen. If you think the client is nothing but trouble you always have the option to decline the work. Choose the work you want to do, it is better to do less work and more quality, than more work less quality. Trust me it pays off in the long run.


Designing in your little corner for days and feeling burnt out? Take the day off and relax. But you think you can’t, because you have a lot of work to do and can’t afford to lose a day. WRONG! Designing things in a tired state is never a good thing. Your work suffers, your body suffers, your speed suffers and the finished product can never be as good. Be sure to tackle each project in a relaxed state with 100% of everything you got.

Remember each project you finish is a reflection of your skills and abilities. Future clients will take these projects into account and base their decision on it. One day is nothing compared to having a portfolio full of projects you can be proud of and you know you gave them everything you have to offer.


I would like to start of this topic with a simple quote by Stephen Richards:

“If you do not have persistence then no amount of education, talent or genius can make up for it”.

I have a diploma, I know everything there is to know. Yeah, right. No matter what education you have, you will never stop learning and you will never stop improving. It is just the nature of this business and why we love it. It is changing and developing so fast, everyone needs to be on their toes and keep up with their education.

So what can I do to educate myself further?

Read articles, join design communities, attend technology events, have chats with other designers… If you do some of these on a daily basis, you will automatically be kept in the loop.

The other thing is persistence. In order to be a successful graphic designer you really need to be hungry for it. Seeing design as a chore and not a passion is a recipe for failure. Sure we all have projects we are not crazy about working on, but as long as you still love what you do, you should have no trouble in being persistent and pushing through all the problems you encounter on your way.

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Professional Web Design Company Launch Your Online Presence With Experts

A professional web design company is very hard to find because there are just too many web designing companies today. Moreover, the professional ones are too consumed with work to take up additional work. A website is a face of the business; as such it is important that we put up the best of your products and services at display on our website. It is also important that we get maximum visitors on our website so that our products and services are seen by as many prospective customers as possible.

A professional web design company must consist of a team of experts in different fields such as designing and graphics, Marketers, Web developers, search engine optimizers, etc. They should have hands on experience of designing websites across many sizes and natures of business. They should have fine understanding of the aesthetics as well as the technical aspects of the web designing process.

The most important virtue of the professional web designing company is that it should very well understand the client requirements and expectations. Also, it should meet the timeliness deadlines in all the projects given to it. A web company which does not understand the fundamental requirements of the clients, or which does not complete the work given in a timely manner will prove to be hazardous for business value.

The points to remember while choosing a design company to work with are as follows:

1. Graphics and other designing options for the website – The graphics and designing capabilities of the company mostly fall under the aesthetics. You should test the capabilities of the professional web company to create innovative, pleasing and eye catching graphics. You can test the same from their completed projects and their effectiveness. The number of web pages created by the web designing company can be seen to test if they have the knack to design engrossing and interactive yet simple interfaces. This will give a boost to the visitors and customers on the website.

2. Redesigning – As a continuing effort to get better business prospects through your website, you might wish to constantly redesign it. Redesigning your website gives a fresh new look to your online presence. This can be done with fresh new graphics and colors. However, while redesigning, some care needs to be taken from the SEO perspective. The original Meta tags and the key words should not be changed and also the URLs should not be changed. In fact redesigning is an opportunity in disguise to enhance your search engine optimization results through enhancement in the key words. One can also look to enhance linking and back linking for better prospects on search engines.

3. Website maintenance services – Website maintenance services can be availed through annual maintenance contracts (AMCs). Any website needs to make updates, improvements and upgrades. As discussed above, these updates should be done keeping the interface, theme and content same, to an extent that your SEO efforts do not suffer. Many professional web design companies offer services like maintenance over a phone call or email. Such kind of services adds on to the value offered by Design Company.

4. SEO – Search engine optimization services are of utmost importance, as they give visibility to your website. A professional web design company needs to have a team of expert SEOs who perfectly understand algorithms of the search engines.

5. Hosting – This is a very basic service that needs to be provided by a professional web design company. Web space requirements should be perfectly analyzed and most value added packages to be offered on the same.

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Successful Web Design Companies, Part 1

Creating a quote for a job is a difficult task if you are a part of or manage a web design company. Putting a price on your skills can be complicated. You do not want to charge too much, but you want to make the job worth your time. You have to consider everything from how much you will need to outsource to what the job requirements are. Meanwhile, the only thing the person you are working for is concerned about is how much the project is going to cost. One of the easiest ways to handle this is to break it down into who does what job at your web design company.

The first category of jobs has to do with the creative process that goes into creating a website. This might include graphic designers, copy writers, or flash developers. Many people who use website design company services may even wonder if this type of work is necessary. They see free hosting and templates everywhere, so why do they even need you? Here is a look at what the creative people on your team need to know.

• Photoshop. Photoshop and other similar software are important, but it is also complicated and it can take a long time before someone can truly consider themselves an expert on the subject. However, if you do understand it, you can design logos, buttons, and other artwork for the website.

• Web Languages. Speaking of complicated, browsers have to be told what they should be doing at any given time and the only way to do this is to understand the language the browser speaks. The more popular ones are HTML and JavaScript, but CSS, PHP, ColdFusion, and others might be necessary as well. Even free templates may need a little html before they work properly and chances are your client doesn’t know it.

• Marketing. SEO is all you need to know here. Most clients aren’t aware of it or how it works.

• Usability. If a website is not usable by customers, it may as well not even exist.

• Good Content. A website has to have content and preferably good content. Someone has to create it; it does not come along with a free web template.

The next category has to do with development of software, website development, and programming. What does a good website design company need to know about development?

• Good websites have features that allow customers to interact. Shopping carts and feedback forums are just a few. A good programmer can provide these. A template can’t. This might also involve front-end design knowledge.

• Programmers also need to know how Google or other search engines will interact with what they do.

• Also, a good programmer will know how to and will test how those features function. He or she will also analyze the results.

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Graphic Designers Can Freelance and Make $2000 This Month Creating Logos

I’ve known many graphic designers who complain that there just aren’t enough high quality jobs in the marketplace and that they think the competition is too tough. Well, I am of the belief that you have to make things happen. When you can’t find a company that wants to hire you, create your own. Graphic designers with a bit of talent can easily make $2000 a month just by creating logos.

Many companies are looking to have their logos professionally created – however not all companies can afford the high prices that some graphic design firms charge. This is where the freelance graphic designer can make a killing.

Logos, vector and 3D alike, are often simple to create. A good designer can create several mockup logos from which the company can choose in a few hours. The final design will usually only take a few hours more; this means the designer can create a logo per day on average.

Let’s say that you are able to create only 2 logos each week because you have other commitments, perhaps school or another job. If you charge only $250 per logo, which is below what many of the large firms will charge, you can ease your way to $2000 a month.

Add to the logos any other simple graphics that the company might need and you have yourself a nice little money making business that pays you for doing the job you love. It is just that easy to make $2000 a month creating logos as long as you have at least a modicum of talent.

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Pattern of Designing Sites Has Changed, Is Your Web Design Company Aware of It?

A good web design company knows how to use the latest technology to develop an amazing website. Technology is changing with each passing day and if you need a site designed by the current pattern, you must search for presumed web plan studios.

You can acquire enduring online vicinity with the assistance of expert web designing. Thusly, it is encouraged to sit with the web configuration group and examine objectives you need to accomplish with the design of the site and how well your site can be anticipated to existing and potential clients. Only a good web design company can present your products and services effectively. They know how to make your online presence worthy.

If you are going to contact a web design company, keep few things in mind. Please consider the below points:

Test whether the organization has all the skills that you need. Read user reviews regarding the company on different sites. Try to gather feedback from their previous clients and then decide whether you want to work with that company or not.

Discuss all the marketing strategies with the design firm you wish to hire. It must incorporate the ranking of keywords, article posting and so on once the site is finished.

You should likewise inquire as to whether the configuration studio has a good content writer who can convey content on suitable points for expanding an activity or not. Your site can achieve the intended interest group effortlessly and viable with the assistance of value web content.

Likewise, inquire as to whether the web design package the company is offering will incorporate SEO services in light of the fact that a decent plan consolidated with site design improvement endeavors can get more movement and help in the lead era. Choose the package that you think is good for your business.

Advantages of procuring a reputed web designing organization:

With the progression in innovation, clients have begun shopping on the Internet. They like Internet shopping in light of the fact that it is simple and spares them time and cash. With a specific end goal to exploit this pattern, each other organization is entering the Internet business to tap more clients.

It is likewise helping them construct a brand and elevate their business to clients sitting over the globe at a negligible expense. With such a large number of organizations entering the online medium, it has ended up vital to look for administrations from the best design firm keeping in mind the end goal to stay ahead in the rivalry.

In the event that you go for shabby rates, you may not get the ability your site requires. This can prompt disappointment of your business on the online stage.

Expert web plan organizations may charge you great cash however you can be guaranteed of convenient, great results. You can depend on the master group for making an easy to understand, outwardly engaging site to which clients would need to return over and over. Keep in mind, employing a presumed design studio is similar to a speculation that will get you great returns.

Since your site will make an early introduction for clients, it needs to be great. Regardless of the amount of exertion you put in getting activity to your site, if the configuration is obsolete and substance is exhausting, you can begin losing clients to your rival.

Whether you need to change your existing design firm or you are contracting surprisingly, search for a web designing organization that will offer you more than simply the structure of your site. Search for an organization that will convey an up-to-the-imprint site which will get more activity and hold old and additionally new clients.

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Graphic Design Career Tips

1. Study and get diploma

It is very important for a designer who is considering a career in graphic design to get course in a recognized school, so as to go ahead with the necessary training. This training focuses on the acquisition techniques and will give essential base to enter the professional field.

Courses in graphic design are available for you at different levels and areas of concentration. You will be able to enter a computer graphics program accredited learning to develop the career of your choice and exceed your knowledge to join the workforce. Through the study of the many options available you will be able to choose by the way the school that suit your needs based on you interests.

2. Practice:

If you are new to the industry of graphic design you must engage more deeply, by making more research to get your skills to a higher level. It is not easy as it sounds, experienced designers have spent a large part of their time in research and practice to achieve what they are.

Whether you are a graphic design student with the first steps in the field of design, or an experienced graphic designer, only duplicate efforts and curiosity about the design that will make you get more experience in the work place.

3. Making Notes:

Whenever you make a new idea write it, you must develop your own generator of ideas this is very essential in design industry. The best known method is brainstorming, it’s is used by most designers of the most famous artistic firms. Only methodically organized with a sense of innovation. A good way to develop your imagination by reading design magazines and books, and watching movies.

So as you can see, it is not enough to have a good skill in software if you can mix the two, there is a great possibility that you will be successful in any graphic design business and any company be happy to hire you for your services.

4. Building a network:

Most designers have spent more time in their office / studio so it is very important to be rounded with supportive work team to support you, and building a network of trust will help you in many different situations not only in work but also in life. You can expand your network by attending events or seminars, be in contact with people who can help your career and network. Find out how often you update the contact information. You can easily create your network by helping others, because when you help you get helped.

5. Gaining experience:

Focusing only on studying for diploma in design may not be enough. Some employers if not most of them are looking for potential employers with experience in the field, in addition to diploma, especially if you are in an area of design you must get experience by practicing. Become a professional designer will take time and a good experience. Some graphics programs can train students for prior experience in the field before getting the first job while they still in college.

6. Building a portfolio:

A virtual portfolio can act as a showcase for your skills, you can begin building your portfolio while you’re in college. There are many services online that offer this for free, with a website as you can create a showcase for your digital work and make upgrade to get full service.

Many independent designers choose to work for companies in the world, they make income from the comfort of their home. Although many of them run to build a portfolio of high value as they get more experience and more work to show for potential clients. On the other hand, designers prefer to work at home, because there are great opportunities for outsourcing, and the emergence of the Internet as an effective tool to communicate with the world.

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Best Web Design Services

Want to design or re-design your existing website?

In today’s fast world, website is the front face of your company. Users go through that website which is more appealing and user-friendly as compared to the one that is outdated and dull. If users or customers don’t get attracted to your website, they don’t stick to it. To make your website attractive and visually appealing for the customers, you need to acquire services of professional and trustworthy IT Design Company.

There are many IT design and development companies in industry offering quality web design services. Professional guidance from a reputed designing company can bring positive results. Web development and design may sound easy for users but it includes a lot of planning and efforts to achieve desired results. Before choosing any company, take a detailed look at company’s portfolio. By this, you can easily review the company’s past project details, work niches etc. You can ask them about their expertise in graphic designing software like Java, Flash, and Adobe etc. The price of the company also varies according to the services they are offering. You should make sure the staff of company is well trained and professional and they meet the deadlines. You can also search for best IT companies on major search engines like Yahoo and Google. Beside this, you will need regular updates also. Ask them for the maintenance of website also. You can consult your friends and family as well search for best IT Company online. Choose that company that suits your budget and website requirement.

The designers make general as well as customized websites. If you want to go conventional way rather than traditional way then you can go for customized web design services. Customized website is followed by designers from the scratch as per your design. Customized sites are more expensive as compared to general ones. Before selecting any web design company, make sure that they are effectively using latest tools and techniques. As it will help in the long run by reducing the cost of website designing in future. Web design companies should properly examine the website requirement, location, preferences, target customers, nature of website and region before designing any website.

You can introduce different incentives as well as discount coupons to grab the interest of customers. In tough online competition, make sure that your products meet the demand of the customers while maintaining the quality.

To beat your competitors, your website should be designed better than their website. You should choose skilled web Company. Web professionals take your website to the top position by using embedded tags so that your website will appear in search engines. A good company provides customer support to solve your queries 24/7. They offer you reliable services in case of upgrading or troubleshooting the website.

Having an attractive website is not enough to boost your business. Getting help from reputable companies will help your website to improvise by using promotional content. Understanding the customer’s demand help the designers to customize the website in a way that will induce the customers to purchase the products. After the completion of web design, SEO and web development is also necessary. Hiring any web development company can save your time and resources. Any website that is indexed in search engines by using white hat SEO tactics will generate quick leads for your business.

By designing, you can expect online results in a shorter period of time. It increases business functionality and growth. Websites that are user-friendly and easy to navigate are preferred by users. In this way they give information to users and can increase sales of the company as well. Web design, web development and SEO services give boost to the business by increasing your website visitors and sales simultaneously.

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Importance of Graphic Design in the Web Designing Process

When you decide to design your website or get it designed by a professional web designer, it is important to consider the factors including navigation, quality of content and the aesthetics of the website. While the web designer has to take care of all these factors, the graphic design for the website should be given equal importance. Graphic images are the first thing a visitor notices on a website and it is because of the attractive graphic images that the reader is enticed to read the text.

A website designer, who may also be a graphic designer, has to blend the graphics in his web design to create an attractive websites that can hold the interest of visitors and compel them to revisit the websites. In the web design, the web page layouts, site plan and content are directly related to the graphic design created for the websites. The graphics have to be as good as other aspects of web design.

Let us see how the graphic design is linked with various factors of the web design-

Home Page- This is the most important web page of the site. It can make or break the website and so the graphic design on this page should be most attractive and effective. If the Home page is not attractive enough, the bounce rate would increase and the whole purpose of the website would fail. So it is important to have graphics that are attractive as well as informative enough to hold the visitors’ attention. Using colours and images that blend with the core message of the website is best way to make the website most effective.

Content- It is the content which talks about your company, products, services and work but reading long content can sometimes be boring. In order to make it interesting, the web design should be such that the readers are compelled to read the content. With the help of attractive graphic images, you can engage the customers and direct them towards the related content.

Brand Reputation- A good graphic design incorporated into the web design can lead to improved reputation of the company and its brand. The graphics such as logos lead to creation of brand identity and reputation building and so they should be designed carefully.

If the graphic design is blended with all these aspects of web design, the website owner can enjoy the following benefits-

A) Added visual appeal of the website: Colours and images are more attractive than texts and so the visuals are an important aspect of a website. It appeals to the aesthetic sense of the viewers and helps them to connect with the site.

B) User-friendly website: The aspect of usability is supported with the help of good graphic design. Besides other tools, graphic images can also make the website user-friendly.

C) Makes the site look more professional: Many times, despite a good web design and informative content a website fails to achieve the desired results. This is possible in the absence of a good graphic design. With effective graphics, the website can add a touch of professionalism.

Graphic images can be of different types including logos, graphic text headings, background images, photos, bullet points, image maps, divider lines and navigation buttons. The key is to make the graphics effective enough to induce the visitors to visit the website and revisit it.

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