Tips and Tricks for Designing a Joomla Website

Joomla is a prestigious and a reward-winning content management system (CMS), which facilitates one to construct websites and potent online applications. The content management system is a software that maintains track of each and every portion of the content on your website. It works exactly like libraries that keep a track of books and maintains them. A key benefit of using a content management system is that it involves practically no technical proficiency or knowledge to supervise.

What Joomla is capable of?

Joomla is used around the world to control websites of all forms and figures, for instance

· Corporate portals or websites

· Corporate extranets and intranets

· Online newspapers, magazines and publications

· Online reservations and e-commerce

· Formal government applications

· Minor business web sites

· Organizational and non profit website

· A Society based portals

· Church and school websites

· Family as well as personal homepages

Learning to develop and design Joomla website

Designing a Joomla website can be quick and easy. Read on to find out how:

Joomla learning organization You can get yourself an instruction booklet, Joomla teaching classes or attend workshops and conferences organized by Joomla. You should be comfortable with the eminence of Joomla training you are pursuing and how flawlessly you can design the web page when all’s said and done.

Joomla expedient websites There is this way of learning tricks and tips to design and develop Joomla website. One must visit the websites and portals that are frequently discussed about Joomla web design on various topics like how to craft and administer Joomla websites. These discussions also contain FAQs (frequently asked questions) that can be helpful to you, as a beginner, while designing a Joomla website.

Put in all what you are taught If you are waiting to start designing a website when you have become efficient than you are wrong. As practice makes a man perfect one must start designing websites on the other hand keep on learning Joomla.

JUG The Joomla User Group (JUG) has been established in almost every metropolitan area or a big city that consists of precisely knowledgeable and energetic web masters to teach you the tricks of Joomla web designing. This JUG meeting is held after every one month, according to the availability of time of the Joomla Group members. In these meetings the Joomla webmasters train you and give you all the necessary information about the Joomla programmer, latest useful equipments and extensions. Here you can learn as well as purchase items such as Joomla templates and tutorials.

Practice and be efficient It is one of the best ways to continue researching and surfing the Joomla webpage as Joomla CMS is very dynamic. Continuously you need to keep practicing and go on exploring the world of Joomla. Only this can make you perfect at web designing. If you lose your track and stop your practice, then this may make you forget even the basic tips and tricks of Joomla web designing.

The Joomla framework facilitates web developers to easily, efficiently and quickly build the Joomla website.

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What Are Web Designing and Web Development?

In web business, many times you will face clients approaching you and asking you to design their websites. But when they tell you their requirement, you will come to know that it’s not just designing work, it also includes development work. Most of people think that the terms web designing and web development are same. But the fact is that these two phrases have different meaning. Now here I will show these two terms vary from each other.

Web Design

Let’s get started with the web designing first. Now basically it is website designing, it is creating a web page which includes colors and graphics. In simple words, it can be called making a sketch by using colors. It’s just what we do paper, but here we are doing it on computers. Web Designing is related to look and feel of the website or graphical representation of the web page.

The person who does the designing part of the website is called web designer. He is the one who creates the visual appearance of the website. It is designed according to the needs of the customer and his business. Different colors, images and graphics are used to make the website appealing. Adobe Photoshop is the widespread framework which is used by designers to make the web page. In order to display the design over the internet, HTML (HyperText Markup Language) of the design is done. When it’s just the design with HTML, these sites are static websites.

Web Development

Now, let’s move on to web development. It is creating the functionality of web pages or constructing the back-end of the website, which is done through programming. Interaction between different pages, working of website is the web development part.

There are different languages used to develop the website like PHP, ASP and ASP.NET. Some scripting languages are also used like JavaScript. Database design and development is also included in web development. Database is the place where data from website is stored and from where the data comes on the website. These websites are called dynamic websites or database driven websites. The back-end or administrator side of the website is not viewed by the users. The owner or administrator of the website can view by logging in with user name and password. The person who does work is called Web Developer or Web Programmer. He only takes cares, how the website is going to function when user open it.

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All About Web Designing and SEO Services

Today no matter whether your business is small or big, Web Presence helps develop business and earn huge profits. A powerful presence on Internet has become a table stake after all. Other communication systems have been almost replaced by the Web Design details and the significance of Internet presence of almost all websites…

The Internet has redefined the borders of our modern world. Big or small companies now have customers all across the globe. Small or Big businesses houses, groups and non-profit organizations are providing an infinite array of information to a widespread audience. The possibilities are endless through effective and efficient Web Design. Web Design is an art of content presentation to an end user through World Wide Web. The efficient web design helps your company in bringing enquiries that generate sales and add asset to business.

In the digital world websites emerge as a significant tool that not only help the companies to find their target audience but also help in tapping desired customers while seating remotely. Website has become the medium of communication or interaction for Business houses. You can establish your corporate identity globally and remain in contact with your customer through out day and night.

This information technology based communication design helps you to place your products to global customer with details of the placed products relatively at low cost. Websites The cost effective medium of sales and promotions make the websites as the hottest stuff of today’s generation.

Website utilizes multiple disciplines such as animation, graphics, interaction design, and information architecture while giving digital corporate identity to your business. The amalgamated features help in interacting your unknown audience in effective and efficient manner. Websites are often considered as the interactive marketing strategy to pull out the hidden customer around the global arena.

Each of the websites planned in a precise manner to cater specific need. The people who view the website for a specific reason and it is important to know exactly what they are looking for when they visit the site. A clearly defined purpose or goal of the site helps in understanding of what visitors want. It gives a way in identifying the target audience. So company, who is developing website must be precise, on the target and object oriented in order to get maximum of what they are putting.

The technologies being used during web designing are:

Markup languages (such as HTML, XHTML and XML)

Style sheet languages (such as CSS and XSL)

Client-side scripting (such as JavaScript and VBScript)

Server-side scripting (such as PHP and ASP)

Database technologies (such as MySQL, MSSQL)

Multimedia technologies (such as Flash and Silverlight)

Based on the requirements of the company website can be made in static or dynamic depending on the nature of the site.

Companies offer full circle approach in website designing. Our website design services include strategic planning, business intelligence, creative approach, product & service promotion and solution maintenance. Our dynamic team of professionals conducts interactive session with our clients so to understand your business objectives and derive solutions so that you can get best of it.

Services include:

Need Analysis & RFP creation

Solution Designing & Creative Story Boarding

Website Content Planning & Drafting

Product Photography

Graphic Designing

Flash Designing & Animations

HTML Coding & Java Scripting

At Web Designing Comapanies, you will find professional web designers in Mumbai that create new and unique design for your website.

Web Designing Company provides Web Designing, Web Hosting (Windows & Linux) and SEO Services to almost every business right from professionals like lawyers, doctors, photographers etc. to businesses like real estate, housekeeping and many other businesses and services as well.

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Basics of Web Designing

Web design is made up of some basic premises, and if you understand them you can design pages that will impress and illuminate your readers.

Basic Tips of Web Designing

The following tips can help you to create great web designs that work with your readers.

  • Use small images like 10-15 kb per image, yes it depends on the source, but slow pages are really annoying and huge images are a primary cause of slow pages. It’s easy to optimize your images.
  • Always use graphics that fit the content. Just because you have an adorable photo of your dog does not mean you should have it on your website about web design.
  • Stick with standard layouts. The 3-column layout is so popular on websites and newspapers because it works. You might think it’s boring, but you will keep more readers if you stick with something simple that they can understand.
  • White space should be more than the CSS property; it is a function of your layout. You should be aware of the white space on your pages and how it affects the content viewed. White space is important in a web layout as it is a paper layout.


  • Serif for headlines and sans-serif for text. Sans-serif fonts are much easier to read on computer monitors because the screen resolution is not as high as it print. If you use serif fonts for normal text, the serif can blur together on screen making it hard to read
  • Limit the number of different fonts. 2 or possibly 3 standard font families are easier to read and look more professional.
  • Use standard font families, for example: You can choose “Rockwood LT standard”
    as this font on your page, but the chances that one of your readers will have that font as well is pretty low. Sticking with font like Verdana, Geneva, Arial, and Helvetica may seem boring, but your pages will look better and the designs will look correct on more browsers.

Remember Your Readers

  • Test your pages in multiple browsers.
  • Write the content as they want. Unless you are writing a site purely for yourself, make sure that your content should covers topics that your readers want to read.

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Top 6 Benefits of Responsive Web Designing

Web development is technically advancing year after year. Many different platforms are available to develop websites. The latest and the popular one is responsive web designing. It is one of the biggest achievements in the web development field because responsive design is a web design that creates a flexible website. In short, it allows sites to react to the size of a user’s screen.

After the welcome of smartphones and tablets, a great amount of online users have shifted to mobile browsing. Therefore, software engineers have introduced a responsive design platform that allows websites to adjust in all types of screen resolutions. Whether it is a mobile screen or a laptop screen, websites can easily adjust to every screen size to provide the best browsing experience. It was 2013 when responsive designing was introduced first. It has created a big revolution in the web world. Here are some great benefits of responsive web design to go through.

  • Supper Flexible: Sites with responsive design are very flexible as explained above. The content, images and even videos, loaded in a site can easily adjust to small screens of mobiles and tablets. The images and the grids of such sites are fluid. Just as liquid easily spreads out, the content of such sites also spread easily.
  • Reach to a Vast Range of Audiences: According to a survey, 40% of online users like to browse sites in their tablets or mobiles. It means if your site is not mobile friendly, you are losing a great deal of audiences. Capture them by considering responsive web design. It enhances the site traffic rate by increasing its visibility.
  • Enhancing Offline Browsing Experience: There is no cut in the screen size. It means all content is visible. The HTML5 offline browsing capability of responsive sites allows easy access in one go. Even in the absence of network, it is possible to move the browsed web page to get the best view of it.
  • No Need of Getting an Additional Mobile Friendly Site: It saves your money that you might plan to spend on creating an additional mobile friendly website. It is an old trend to own two types of websites, one for system browsing and another for mobile browsing. Your one site is enough to operate in both the platforms which is a great saving of money as well as time.
  • Valuable SEO Campaign: Maintaining a mobile friendly site and a desktop friendly site, means duplicate content which is hate by Google. Having one responsive site doesn’t promote duplicate content. You can make your SEO campaign successful and effective with it. Google has given a green signal to such type of site creation.
  • Saving Cost and Time in Management of Your Site: It is natural that when you have one website, you can easily manage it. Saving of money as well as time can be possible. A single site management is not lengthy. You can find top quality assistance in website maintenance at an affordable price.

These are top benefits of responsive website designing.

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5 Aspects to Focus on When Designing a Website


There are two things a website navigation can do. One, it can let potential clients read over a website with less difficulty. Or two, it forces potential clients to close the website because they get frustrated with it due to bad user interface.

A developer can easily get carried away trying to create the latest designs, colourful features, interesting typefaces and all that, but in reality, a direct and natural navigation provides a client the best user-friendly experience.

As a developer, it is important to always make a website “grandma-friendly”. Make sure that after the creation of the website, a grandma could easily be able to navigate through the website and understand the message you’re trying to pass.

Brand Consistency

Does your firm already have a brand logo? Do you use the logo in sending out brochures, invoices, etc.? Then, it should be inserted into your website.

Why? You’re a startup and you want your firm to grow ever bigger. The first thing you should think about is credibility. And, one of the factors responsible in creating that is consistency. So that both new and existing clients should easily be able to recognize your brand among your competition in marketing materials, posters, and of course, your website design.

Consistency, a major factor in Visual Branding:

Research tells us that, when visual components of a particular brand do not have a brand identity to show that it belongs to one firm, it can make both new and existing clients confused and uncomfortable, which in turn makes them have a negative impact on your firm.

SEO and User Experience

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of a website’s traffic by increasing the visibility of that website. And, the feedback gotten from clients after visiting your website shouldn’t be taken lightly. This fact alone can decide if your website would rank higher in Google or not.

One of the feedback Google receives, without the visitor actually writing one, is the experience each visitor gets from your website. A good experience would reduce the bounce rates gotten from the website, whereas a bad experience would do the opposite.

Most people visit a website for a particular purpose. And hence, the call to action button should not be placed at the bottom of the website only, but rather it should be placed at the upper part of the page. This is because most people tend to get frustrated with your site and leave.

When this happens, it increases your website bounce rate and tells the search engine (mainly Google) that your website doesn’t serve its purpose, which might even reduce the website’s ratings.


Ideally, a website page contains both the written content and the visual content (visual content includes pictures or videos). These two work together in communicating one’s message to the clients, as well as stating a call to action.

There are three main things you should take note of in building up content. One, in creating the written content, it should be clear, concise, and easy to read and assimilate. The action of business writing is to write in an active voice – short and straight to the point.

Two, cluttering up a page with images one after the other would not make it any easier to understand. Instead, use visual content as little as possible, but in the most important areas like in the beginning of a new sub topic.

Lastly, insert negative spaces in between images and text. This allows readers rest their eyes and process the previous information before moving on to the next paragraph.


Overall, the visual representation of a website is all about building trust with potential clients. If a website looks outdated, it can give out the aura that the company provides outdated services. And, if a web design looks jammed, disproportionate, or of poor quality, it fills clients with doubt and mistrust.

Hence, a good web developer is someone who understands your company’s objectives and is more interested in giving your clients the best user-friendly experience that builds trust and relationships, rather than a beautiful, but difficult to navigate website.

Getting yourself a good developer is key to building trust with your clients, as it all comes down to your website – since it is a great opportunity for attracting potential clients, building credibility and converting leads.

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Designing and Developing a Good Website

How do you design and develop a good website? What does it take to drive traffic and make it to the top of search engines? How can you make it user-friendly and aesthetically appealing to your targeted market? Can a website really deliver more income for your company or offered services?

These and more are the many considerations that need attention in designing your website. Whether you are designing for personal use or for your company’s products/or services, you must have clear ideas of what you want to accomplish in your website. A good website starts with a good concept and web structure.

First of all the trend for website design nowadays are inter-active. Gone are the days of HTML base website that are static. It does not accomplish much, but just make a presentation of who, where and what you are. Users can only read your pages but can’t accomplish much.

The latest technologies for website design have paved the way for more than just static information. Most of website in the Internet now offers both information and inter-active pages that better communicates to the general public. You will accomplish more by designing pages that will allow visitors to interact and actually make a connection with your website.

How can you accomplish this? Simple, make use of the latest trends in the Internet technology. They are ever increasing and offer variety for you, and the choices are endless. Depending on what you’d like to accomplish through your website, incorporate technology that will be best suited and geared to your target market.

Like e-commerce if you want to be able to buy and sell through your website. Add features like posting comments and suggestions, this will make your website user-friendly. You can also provide users to upload their favorite music and videos and other functions you might find that will boost your website over all performance. And don’t forget to make use of social networking and social bookmarking; it’s the newest craze in town.

You can drive traffic to your website by making it user-friendly and loads easily. It’s very bad for your business to have a website that is so aesthetically beautiful but takes forever to load. Surfers in general have a lot of choices, and your slow-loading page will not appeal one bit to them. Make sure to have a reputable and reliable web hosting company to handle this for you. Choose larger bandwidth for faster loading.

Provide content in your website that is search engine optimized; it means articles that are keywords rich. This is the best way for you to improve your ranking in all of the search engines. Just make sure not to over do it, or the bots will reject your site.

To reach your targeted market, design your website that will be appealing to them. Not all designs are created equal. If you’re selling flowers, then your theme should reflect your product. Do some research and settle for the design that will be attractive to your customers.

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WordPress Web Designing: 7 Reasons Why WordPress Is The Best For Website Design

If you are a website designer or a business owner looking to start a website to showcase your business, you probably must have heard of WordPress web designing.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) and website design platform used by millions of businesses and web designers. This is no surprise as the platform is easy to use, versatile and can be learned by a relatively new user.

In this article, I have outlined seven reasons that make WordPress the ideal platform for web designing:

Easy Customization

WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) has been a driven force behind successful website development and designing. It accounts for the majority of successful websites online as a result of the easy customization that WordPress offers.

With intuitive and user-friendly features, WordPress can be used by website design professionals and beginners alike to create and build websites that is suited to their needs.

There are thousands of custom plugins and themes available online. Most of these plugins and themes are free to use; some are fee based, however, are inexpensive. Because of this, thousands of websites have these free and inexpensive plugins that help reflecting the owners' personal touch. This accounts for why WordPress is the most widely used platform for WordPress web designing.

Moreover, many modern browsers are compatible with WordPress customized websites making such websites reachable to more audiences worldwide.

Search Engine Friendly

WordPress web designing is simplified with search engine friendly features that comes default with WordPress. WordPress presents an easy way for web developers and business entities to achieve their search engine optimization objectives.

With WordPress, you have the liberty to create web addresses (URLs) that are pleasing to the search engines, publishing content as often as you like, and install plugins available online to help you optimize your website for higher search engine ranking.

WordPress also submits your content immediately you publish it to the search engines so that your content can be ranked easily and quickly. It has a content management in place that allows you to control how your content is distributed and indexed to reach higher in the search engine results page.


There are so many features that come default with WordPress and you can extend these features with plugins to provide maximum functionality. As many plugins are being released day in day out, setting up a WordPress site that is actively functional is easy. No matter what you want in terms of functionality, there is a plugin or a number of them that will serve just that.

WordPress has an endless supply of plugins both free and premium. With the click of a button, you can download and install plugins of your choice for free. Many will argue that premium plugins offer choicer functionality than the free ones. What you need will determine whether you go with a free or fee based plugin.


In order to be able to create and design a nice looking website, there have to be some attractive themes that will serve the root function. The driving force behind successful and attractive websites is the choice of theme being used. When you choose a theme, test it out see how it looks on the website and determine if it's what you need.

With thousands of customizable themes available for WordPress, you can easily choose and get the one that will meet your website design needs. Moreover themes available are free or in most cases very inexpensive, making modifying and customizing your site easy.

Cost Effective

Aside the costs spent on domain and hosting, maintaining a WordPress site is not costly. Themes and plugins are free otherwise very inexpensive making it a cinch to maintain a site that you can customize to reflect your personal touch.

Search Engine Optimization

With an intuitive content management system, link management and customizable permalink system, your website can be formatted to look exactly how the search engines wants it look.

WordPress is built with a simple programming language that the search engine spider understands so that indexing is not an issue.

Easy to Use

WordPress user interface is very simple and user-friendly, making it easy to be operated with no coding knowledge. However, a designer will find it much easier to customize and modify a site so that personal touch can shine through.


One of the most important parts of a website is its design. The design of a website will make or mar it. If the website's design looks professional, it draws in visitors and more viewers. It also helps turn visitors into loyal reader.

However, if the design of a website is poor and not user-friendly, it pushes away potential readers from your site. The Coeus Squad professional webdesign services is committed to providing you with the best design for your website for maximum conversion and sales.

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Web Designing for Mobile Screens

The popularity of Android is growing at an exponential rate. It has already outstripped the usage base of Blackberry and Apple users. This is all the more remarkable as Android is a relatively new entrant to the market. Android is known for its mobile apps. A few of these apps can be of importance to website designers worldwide. This makes designers productive 24 x 7- at work, at home and even when they are traveling.

A free app "AndFTP" helps you to access your web servers on an Android mobile device. It lets you upload, view and update files from anywhere. As a website designer, you can edit your own website. It is also possible to edit your client's website when there is no desktop or laptop present by using "AndFTP". The app supports a number of domains from FTPS, FTP and SFTP connections. It has a superb user interface.

The app "SilverEdit" can be downloaded for free. It is an uncomplicated source code editor. A website designer like you can code up complete CSS, PHP and HTML files. You can then save them in the phone or send it to your email account. If you combine SilverEdit with AndFTP, it is possible to build and push websites with any handheld Android device.

You can download the Photoshop app without spending any money. It is brought out by Adobe. Compared to its desktop counterpart, its functionality is limited. But, to be fair, the app is equipped with basic image processing functions like 'crop' and 'rotate'. Filters and image saturation adjustments are possible.

Web view source is another free app. It allows website designers and other professionals to inspect and download the entire web page's source code to the text editor. This is possible while simultaneously browsing the Mobile Web. You can edit and manipulate code. It is also possible to make comments and save the file on your phone. You can also send the source code to your email account.

Dropbox is another free app. This file backup tool is cloud based and gives you the right to use a remote folder containing documents stored in a server. You simply save files on one computer and then you will be able to access the files that you have saved from any mobile device or computer. A lot of website designing professionals take advantage of android and create a perfect work-life balance in their lives. Relaxation after a hard day's work should not be marred for just routine duties- and a number of apps let you to enjoy the night or day without going to the office or staying at office after work hours.

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Why Following The Middle Path Is The Best Approach In Website Designing

The website designing industry is moving swiftly on the path of progress. With the passage of time, different revolutionary technologies are coming to the surface. The designing has also taken a leap in the forward direction with most of the designers are using the latest technology and innovative approach. In a nutshell, we can say that this is no more a child's play.

The website is said to be interactive if it has the potential to engage the clients and to convert them into potential buyers. In order to make engagements, it is necessary that your website should mark an indelible imprint on the visitors. The fascinating things have always attracted the human beings. So, it is the call of the hour to have impressive designs on the web.

How to attain this objective?

As an experienced designer, I would love to follow the middle path approach. What is this middle path? This is the approach to take designing as half art and half science. Let me discuss some of the things which help in making you an interactive website.

Theme : The theme should match the business line. This is certainly a very important step as the whole of the designing is concentrated around this.

Homepage : This is the main page of your website. It is necessary to decorate with impressive infographics. According to the philosophy, if your website is appealing, look wise and feel wise, then the visitors will spend more time on this. The more time they spend on the website, more will be the chances of the conversion. You should use attractive banners and images in order to make your homepage more attractive.

Logo : The logo is a very important part of any website. It should be made in the sync of the business line. You should design it so that it can easily manifest your business. This will offer good impression on the buyers.

Let me discuss the technical aspect of designing. The buyers don't have much time. They need flexibility in the navigation. So, these aspects should be handled in the technical manner as these are related to the functionality.

Go Responsive : Choose the responsive template or theme. These are mobile friendly templates and adapt the size of the screen. Most of the people are using mobile gadgets to browse the internet. So, responsive websites offer amazing browsing experience to the users on the mobile gadgets.

Easy Navigation : You should provide links so that buyers can easily navigate from one web-page to other. If they find any problem in moving from one page to another, then they will navigate to some other website.

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