How to Choose the Best E-Commerce Web Development Company

How to choose the right E-commerce development company for your website?

Search for the accompanying things while choosing an e-commerce development company to wind up with the best.

E-commerce business skill and experience

The organization you are thinking about to procure for building your e-commerce site must have a decent learning and aptitude in the field. Presently, you have to comprehend that mastery and experience are two altogether different things. The organization must have the correct engineers, planners and other faculty having great internet business abilities, learning, and additionally preparing and they should have beforehand taken a shot at a few, if relatively few, comparable site improvement ventures. They ought to have the capacity to give the work tests to oblige it.

Project Portfolio

On the off chance that the organization really has the experience they claim to have, they ought to likewise have a task portfolio where you can investigate the undertakings they have just made. Make a point to search for and additionally investigate the undertakings that match your own particular e-commerce site venture. On the off chance that they have already taken a shot at such a site and in the event that you are happy with the work, you can proceed with the following procedure.

Improvement Process, Innovation and Devices

The site improvement process took after by an organization can enlighten a considerable measure concerning their insight and skill of the field and how the site will be produced. In this way, try to look at the specialized foundation and aptitudes of their engineers to check whether they are appropriate for your task. Make inquiries about the advances, apparatuses, stages (web based business CMS), modules and programming dialects they use for the plan and improvement of the e-commerce destinations.

Cost of Improvement

Despite the fact that you ought to dependably lean toward the nature of work over the value, regardless it doesn’t imply that should enlist a truly expensive firm whom you can’t pay without anyone else. This is the reason it is essential to search for a web improvement organization which you can really manage. On the off chance that you explore sufficiently hard, you can at present figure out how to discover a good e-commerce development agency in your financial plan without compromising with the quality.

Conveyance time

A decent advancement organization will dependably say a due date for the undertaking by when they hope to complete your task and convey it to you. In the event that you require it sooner, you can state the same to the organization. Remember to inquire as to whether they don’t convey the venture on time.

Customer Audits and Tributes

After you are finished conversing with the organization or before you get in touch with them in any case, make certain to discover and read their customer tributes. The tributes given on the organization site will generally say great things in regards to the organization and their administrations, so it is savvy to search for surveys on different destinations and places, for example, Google audits, Glassdoor, and so forth. You can even request that the organization give contact data of their customers on the off chance that you wish to confirm the data with them.

Correspondence and Support

Numerous customers overlook this when settling on an organization toward the start of the undertaking, yet this is a similarly essential factor as the ones specified previously. A decent improvement organization will offer you adequate intends to speak with them as well as the engineers dealing with your undertaking some time recently, amid and after the advancement procedure. They ought to be effectively reachable at whatever point you have to give an information or propose something for the continuous undertaking. The organization should likewise have a vigorous customer bolster and after-support framework to deal with your upkeep and change demands.

Security Insurance

The organization you are deciding for your e-commerce site advancement must will to consent to a non-revelation arrangement to secure the protection of your thoughts, content, pictures (on the off chance that you give any), and any talk as well as trade of information that occurred amongst you and the organization. They should likewise give you the total control and responsibility for site once it is ponied up all required funds by you.

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4 Exclusive Features That Give an Edge to Your Ecommerce Website Development

The dream of every entrepreneur stepping into the world of ecommerce is to take their business to a new height of success. A loyal customer base, lots of traffic on the online store and sale of products is what every business owner wishes for.

But what does it take to achieve this goal and make the online business profitable?

The most important step is to choose an ecommerce website development company that provides the necessary features like SEO ready platform, multiple payment options for convenience of the customers, a full-fledged online shopping cart etc. for building an online store. On top of all these features, there are 4 essential features that can give you a winning edge.

What are those features?

Take a look!

Easy search and navigation- What do the customers do while searching for a specific product at any online store? They simply go to the search bar and type the name of the product. If they are not able to find the product, they would simply visit some other online store and start searching. If finding the desired product becomes difficult because of a bad search results then it ultimately affects the sales of the online store. In the same way, the navigation functionality also plays a key role that helps in saving the time of customers in selecting a product and proceeding towards the checkout. Hence an ecommerce website development platform that prioritizes implementing proper techniques for making navigation and searching easy should always be a part of the checklist.

Mobile ready platform- To be a part of the race, your online store must be mobile friendly. Customers nowadays prefer shopping using their mobile phones. Hence a vast portion of the profit is obtained from the mobile users. By implementing various techniques like push notifications, offering reward systems and exclusive content, you can increase the customer loyalty. If you choose an ecommerce website development company that does not provide a mobile-ready platform, then you are likely to lose a significant portion of traffic and sales. Ensure that you do not miss this point.

Product reviews- Only the customers who have purchased and approved your products can give the genuine review of the products. Product reviews are always helpful in encouraging the customers in making their decision regarding the purchase of the product. An ecommerce website development company that provides the feature of product reviews can grab the attention of other potential customers who are planning to buy products from your site. These genuine reviews can ultimately increase the sales of your online store. Thus, products review is a must-have feature.

Product Wishlists- Often customers find certain products they are in love with while searching for something else. A provision that allows customers to save certain products which they want to view and purchase later is necessary. Providing the wishlist feature is the best way to convince customers to visit the store again and purchase the products. It also helps the store owners in measuring the interest of various customers regarding their products.

A platform that provides all the mentioned features can be a perfect fit for all your ecommerce needs and assist you in creating a full-fledged online store. Make a wise choice in selecting the most suitable ecommerce website development platform to make a website that can build customer trust, bring better sales and profits.

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How to Select Extensions for Magento eCommerce Website Development

Magento eCommerce website development has seen a revolution in the recent years with the number of extensions that are made available to help customize the store and tailor it to suit your marketing needs. These Magento extensions help modify your online store to create exemplary shopping experiences for your customers. Some of these extensions are available for free and some paid – but all of them add some value to your website.

So, with thousands of extensions to choose from, how do you know which one will benefit your store? How do you decide which one to purchase or try for free?

Here are a few pointers that will help you make the right decision:

Define your purpose

Magento is a feature rich platform that provides all the basic functionalities that an eCommerce store requires. However, your store might need some specific features to run a sales campaign or a discount offer or holiday gifts campaign etc. This is where extensions come into play. Well, some extensions are offered on Magento Connect by the company itself. Some other interesting extensions and Magento customizations are offered by other web development companies. Well, you can select the right extension only by defining what exactly you need. Define what your online store wants and then go out in search of the right extension.

Get to know the extension

Once you know what you want, shortlist a few extensions by different providers, or even better, get one custom built for your website. This could be easily achieved by hiring professionals from a Magento eCommerce website development company. Well, get to know the extension and its features.

Try it out for free

Many providers give you a ‘trial’ period for free. Some of the extensions are free too! So, if you are in doubt, try it! Try it in a test environment t understands how it works and match its features to your requirements.

Check out the functionalities

Along with every extension, you get a long list of its features, functionalities and what it can or cannot do. Read the instructions thoroughly and make sure that you know what you have purchased. Study the functionalities that are documented.

Read customer reviews

The best input you could get about a product is through customer reviews. You can easily get these from the websites where you download them or from social channels like Facebook or Twitter. Well, everybody’s experience with the product is different and there are several other dependencies such as the environment in which they are installed etc.

Provider’s history

This is a very important point. Make sure that you purchase from an authentic source. Research and check out the provider’s history. The Magento market is very competitive. So make sure you buy products that are tried, tested and have a good review.

Well, Magento eCommerce web development and customization is getting popular by the day and many online stores resort to extensions to build a store that can give their customers a great shopping experience. Make sure that you choose the right extensions and add the right features for the success of your online store!

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Magento Ecommerce Website Development

Nearly 200,000 on-line retailers use the Magento ecommerce web application and its growing popularity means that these numbers are only going up. Magento is an open source ecommerce web application that is used by a range of businesses, from small retail outfits to large corporations all over the world. The biggest plus points that users find in Magento are its unique and feature-rich nature which gives it the flexibility and dynamics to make your website zoom to the top of the search engine charts.

Magento is famous for its emphasis on design, user-experience, customization features, integration abilities and most importantly, the use of blocks of data/content/images that can be uploaded directly via the layout. As Magento’s popularity grows, websites that use this platform continue to win design awards at the most prestigious venues all over the world. If your web designer suggests Magento, you should welcome it with open arms because it is the way of the future!

Using Magento for your ecommerce website gives you:

  • Affordable and fast deployment
  • Swift training of your staff and implementation of the platform
  • Well-structured user-levels and account management
  • Easy integration across many third party sites like payment gateways and shipping services
  • Many built-in features like SEO, international currencies, currency converters, buyer-friendly features like wishlists, reviews and ratings
  • Multiple store facility
  • Constant innovation

A good website designing company that uses Magento should also give you customized packages for your business needs, or it may offer its own packages which incorporate different features and facilities. You can select the most appropriate one according to your requirements. Typical packages include:

  • Varying number of products ranging from as low as 50 to 1500+
  • Plenty of design and logo options – this is possible because Magento works on open source where innovation and technical expertise are shared across the globe SEO
  • Specified number of website pages – you can add or reduce these as you like
  • Newsletters
  • Compatibility across other browsers
  • Specified period of support

Magento ecommerce website development is also enriched by the experience and expertise of thousands of designers and users who share their skills and opinions across the globe. This ensures that your website can be modified or tweaked whenever necessary without complicated procedures and time delays. It also means that you get access to help with fixing bugs speedily and efficiently. Support is also available across geographies and languages.

If your business needs a fillip via an attractive, informative and effective website, Magento ecommerce website development is the way to go.

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Why Magento Is The Best Platform For Ecommerce Website Development

To begin with the features and reasons which make Magento the best platform for the development of an ecommerce website, we need to first be completely familiar with the term ‘Magento’.

Magento is a PHP language written open-source ecommerce design platform. The main aim of this is to provide the proprietors and store owner’s with various ways through which they can generate a higher degree of revenue, increase the user management on their page and also navigate and improve the reach of their ecommerce website.

The introduction of the all new Magneto 2.0 has diversified the shopping fields of people thus making them accessible to wide options and also making the portal user friendly for better comfort.

The features of Magento 2.0 are something which not only helps it stand out of the box in comparison but also makes it the best available option for your e-commerce website development.

Specification for the e-commerce businesses

Since its birth, Magento has laid its hand to bring about changing and thus improving the e-commerce websites. The aim is to reach for the requirement of the client and thus acquire the same. Magento also has an extended library which is a boon to the developers as it makes the options of adding the required features in the website available.

  • Best experience

This is the platform which helps in the mobile data integration with the mobile application thus helping the people to shop for their needs anytime and anywhere using the application.

  • Support for language and currency

This platform will also be beneficial to your e-commerce design to reach out to a greater base of public. With the availability and the inbuilt support for languages and currency, many people from inside and outside your country can shop from your website.

  • Quickness in procedures

This option is also for customer benefit. The customers can shop for multiple options and can place the order and checkout further easily. There is no such need to bill and purchase each and every product separately.

  • SEO optimization

This platform also includes the build-in SEO tools which initiates the traffic of the search engines to your e-commerce website designs. This will result in the improvement of the ranking of your website design and thus enlist in the top of the search result pages.

  • Multiple device run

If you decide to develop and design your e-commerce website with Magento, with the presence of the cross-browser support, your website will now be able to run on various devices. You can acquire two kinds of advantages with us:

  1. Ready to go website access
  2. Improve the search page result ranking

Most preferred for development services

Being an open-source e-commerce development platform, there are many companies which place Magento as their first preference when it comes to providing the web application development services.

Be it the admin features or the elaborated ways of advertising your business or the website development, Magento is a full proof and the best one stop solution for your e-commerce business.

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Magento Web Development – Best Online Ecommerce Solution

Magento Web Development is known among the best website development options among Ecommerce companies. As it is an open source software platform, it is also easy to build easy and secure online business for innumerable users now a day. With the help of this, it is easy to build carts for online a shopper which is safe and easy to operate. It offers a high level of flexibility to the users.

Now a day, Magento Web shopping carts are famous around the world and are initial choice of the Ecommerce merchants as well as the users of these websites. The Ecommerce merchants are provided with flexible online stores with Magento Web Developed websites. Magento Development Company provides Magento Web Developed websites and many things to the Ecommerce merchants as well as its users like, SEO marketing facility, Shipping facility, Payments, detailed browsing of products, managing catalogues etc. The SEO functionality helps you increasing your page rank which itself ensures a heavy traffic for your website.

Many companies now a day are even familiar with the Magento and are also taking benefits of this technology too. But the thing to keep in mind is that you should only contact a professional for Magento Web Development for proper, secure and attractive build of your website. Magento Web Developed store is the best online store available for you and your desired customers which can be converted into final buyers/ users of your website if a professional developer is hired to develop your website.

The main extensions used in Magento Development are the modules, interfaces and the themes. This can be modified through these extensions. The themes can be chosen among the thousands of themes available online which can enhance functionality of your website, makes your website attractive and also can increases the traffic on your website. Magento Development is the backbone of Ecommerce websites and helps in making your website stand among your online competitors. If you are really interested for a Magento Web Development for your website, then contact the websites providing the Magento Development for various types of Ecommerce merchants.

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How To Choose A Good Ecommerce Website Development Company

The trend of creating the ecommerce sites has become viral these days, which has further enhanced the competitions. And the need to beat the competitions has naturally come forward. To facilitate the business companies who have their set up on the online platform, there are web development organizations available. But selecting a random such service provider can leave you nowhere. It is not possible for you to improve your own site all by yourself, when there are loads of things to focus on. This is where choosing a good ecommerce site development service provider is required. While in the act of choosing, you must be aware that your final selection must fulfill the discussed criteria.

The ROI Factor

The ROI factor or the return on investment is vital in every field, and so it is in the concerned matter. A web development company may be expensive but is able to provide the best ecommerce solutions. If you can select the company without worrying about the investments, things can turn out to be in your favor shortly and to a great extent. On the other hand, a service provider with lower price rates but poorer results can leave you in the losing side. And who wants to lose when there is already an option to win?

Having a Strong and Composed Team

Web designing is a matter of a lot of subjects, and not just one or two. There are the likes of SEO boosting, proper marketing, providing facilities to the customers, and so on for your business site. Not one or two professionals can handle everything in this case. Ensure that your appointed website development company is having a strong and composed team. This is most likely to be possible when the respective company is quite experienced in the field. Following the reviews closely and carrying out the interactions with the service provider can prove to be beneficial in this regard.

Taking the Workload but Under your Nose

When you are investing on the ecommerce website development company, you must be looking to have the convenience that the experts will take care of everything. At the same time, you would most certainly not look to give away the saddle to them. Thus, your service provider will be responsible enough to not just take the workload, but also to allow you to follow their works. This aspect has two benefits, the fist being that you are able to keep yourself well updated regarding the progress of your site. And secondly, you get to know a lot about web designing. Therefore, your service provider should have the ability to maintain both these criteria simultaneously.


On a concluding note, choosing a qualitative ecommerce development company is not very tough. Going through the company portfolio and talking with the experts employed by the company can give you enough insights to let you know whether to progress with them or not. And with following recommendations of the specialists, you can have the best service provider that your business site needs.

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Role of Simplicity in eCommerce Website Development

eCommerce website development is the process of development of websites, for selling products. Most businesses today have invested in online shop development and that’s quite justified as well. After all, consumers are increasingly getting net savvy and a major chunk of dealings, now happen online. Thus, let it be Zen cart eCommerce development or Magneto eCommerce web development, designers are leaving no stone unturned to create dynamic eCommerce websites.

However, design intricacies have reached a stage where the websites are getting too complicated. It all started with websites selling a few products or offering basic scheme. But with time, the scope has tremendously expanded. It is no longer limited to few products or pages. 1000s of products are displayed and sold on a website. While earlier, it was just an introductory scheme, now there are a range of offers and plan options. Payments too are made online and on several occasions the eCommerce website is developed such that offered discount coupons can be availed across a segment of portals. The stated has empowered customer to do as much more, however at the same time, this has also complicated the whole process. With one website selling products and fulfilling the various related functions, website development is no longer an easy job. Different applications like Zen cart development or Magneto eCommerce development or other such variants are thus being deployed.

Increased demands however have made the websites more complicated. The simplicity factor has eroded and this is a problem. A shopper is now lost in the online maze. One page directs to another, which leads to a yet another connecting page and so on so forth. Many a times, buyers end up buying wrong products or stay confused over the amount of final bill. Either product specifications are not clear or there are just too many pictures to confuse. In other words, the focus during development of online shops has drifted from the buyer’s ease. The websites are no longer user friendly. They are hi-tech and they have excellent sale offers, but the look & feel is all too difficult.

Target consumer is important

Simplicity is important in website development; the role however increases if the target audiences are people from non technical background. The idea is that the user has limited technical knowledge and he has reached a particular website to buy. This buyer is simply not interested in the sophisticated programming techniques applied, while making this website. Customer will be impressed if he can find the needed products simply and can buy them, with as much ease.

Researchers have established that the cognitive load must be reduced so that the user is able to take in & thus understand the information presented on a page. From a company perspective, this shall greatly help. Most buyers will favor a website which helps them shop, without having to go through the nitty-gritty of the difficult surfing process. E commerce web design is about simplicity. While developing an eCommerce website for selling products, keep target audiences in mind & ensure that the final product is usable.

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Which Platform Is Ideal Between Shopify and Magento for an E-Commerce Website Development?

E-commerce websites are the ideal junction of buyers and sellers. Businesses and sellers now don’t need to worry about how to expand their products and services to the maximum audience as websites are accessible beyond boundaries and customers can also buy their choice of products by placing an order from anywhere at any time.

The craze of e-commerce websites has led to the rise of a challenging situation among the developers to choose from thousands of e-commerce platforms available in the market. The primary condition of an online store is to develop the proper functionality to make the site user-friendly.

Among so many options available in the market, developers are in praise for two most trending platforms Shopify and Magento for developing online retail websites.

Let’s focus on some in-depth characteristics of these two platforms that make them unique among others.



• Shopify is considered as the most reliable e-commerce website for building an easy to use online retail website.

• Shopify offers easy coding in HTML and CSS.

• Website built on Shopify platform is user-friendly with easy drag and drop interface and many such simple features that offer the user a seamless user experience.

• Shopify powered e-commerce sites offer the customer uncomplicated experience in buying and checking out.

• Shopify takes few minutes to set up a complete e-commerce store.

• The platform is ideal for non-technical people and small businesses as it is a hosted platform one don’t need to update the modules or worrying about the technical complications.

• With the simple interface, Shopify offers the retailers to easily create and manage categories, to add products without causing any major complications.

• For SEO optimization Shopify is the ideal among all other platforms in the market. It offers the SEO professionals to edit ‘title’, ‘tags’, ‘meta description’, ‘pages’ etc.

• Shopify offers 24*7 active customer support. Customers with issues can reach the support team anytime through e-mail, chat, and phones.

• Retailers also get guided by Shopify to keep their website in a good form.


• Though Shopify offers more than thousand themes and templates but the price range of premium theme is quite high.

• The advanced plan of Shopify though provides the retailers to make promotions and offers, the basic plan does not support discount and sales.



• Magento is ideal for tech-savvy online retailers for creating unlimited opportunities.

• Magento offers the retailers to manage the servers on their own where they can make changes according to the requirement.

• Magento offers the most cost-effective options in choosing themes and templates which are quite a user- friendly and responsive to any designs.

• The basic version of Magento helps in making better sales by offering cross-selling, up-selling and product comparison features.

• Magento is extremely SEO optimized.

• Magento is ideal for large businesses and requires a one-time investment on server and store development.


• For non-technical people choosing Magento is a total thumb down as the platform is not that user- friendly.

• Magento is free but one may have to bear extra cost for the plug-ins in addition to paying monthly fees to the hosting provider.

• The major drawbacks of Magento are the lack of active customer support system. One may find it difficult to resolve technical issues or may have to partner with a Magento forum or may have to solve the problem on their own.

Developing an attractive and user-friendly e-commerce website will always be the priority for the developers and engineers and choosing the right platform is the ultimate key to whooping success in online retail business.

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Why to Choose Magento Ecommerce Website Development Services

Magento is the shopping cart which makes online shopping extremely easy for the users and is indeed the smartest and the most robust ecommerce platform to make the life of an individual easy. An ecommerce website is a viable option for the online businesses looking to facilitate transactions and sales online. Transactions can be carried out easily and conveniently when you design an ecommerce website. Not only your prospective buyers can gain information on your products and services but also they can proceed towards making purchases. If you wish for innovative, functional, creative shopping cart, you may consider Magento ecommerce website development services.

Magento is a platform which offers creative shopping cart system to simplify the process of sales. Your ecommerce shopping site will also appear attractive with this option. Not all the ecommerce platform is considered secure but this one is reliable and secure among the competitors.

Why is Magento thought to be the best?

You may confidently consider this particular platform for your ecommerce website development because of following reasons:

· It is the best open source platform for the ecommerce website. If you are looking forward to ecommerce website development services, you must go for Magento website development.

· Since the source code here is chosen to be ‘public’, anyone can look up the code and read it. Thus, we may say that it offers transparency.

· It is flexible and highly scalable

· It is acknowledged worldwide and is thought to be the finest shopping cart system

· The feature rich platform is used extensively across the globe.

Ecommerce website for an optimized presence online

The use of an ecommerce website has greatly improved or enhanced in the recent times. For instance, credit cards can facilitate easy payment and seamless transaction online. The popularity of the ecommerce site is increasing owing to the advancement, innovativeness in the realm. A lot many ecommerce website development companies deliver well designed, attractive, innovative and appealing websites at reduced costs. They are much easier to navigate to bring you more sales. Service providers and professionals ensure that websites function in an error-free manner with the help of support based and advanced application software. The application functions all the time without any need for human intervention. It is important to choose the best service provider for designing an ecommerce website.

Tips on choosing the service provider

If you are looking to avail the best service providers, you may follow the below stated tips:

· Creativity, capability and the level of specialization: You should look for a company which is professional and bears experience and expertise in delivering the service. Check out the portfolio or the past work accomplished and get to know about the capability of the company. Visit the blogs, collect references and talk to the past clients.

· The kind of services offered by the firm: You must go for a service provider who can offer you an array of services to optimize your website and web content. It must utilize pay per click, search engine optimization to boost traffic to your site.

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