How to Use Graphic Design to Boost Landing Page Conversion Rates

Landing pages need to be eye-catching in order to produce conversions.

Design and copywriting work hand in hand to make sure that landing pages carry out the task. Graphic design makes the path smooth from the start of the page to the call-to-action. CTA encourages users to move a step further.

Here are 6 ways by which graphic design can be used to enhance landing pages:

1. Let Users Visualize Content as well as other Offerings as “Real”

Though products offered on the web may be fast and convenient, their disadvantage is they are not tangible. When items look solid, users can associate with them in a positive way. For instance, an e-book can look as one that is seen on bookshelves when it has a complete, professional cover.

2. Tell a Story by Means of Illustrations, in Addition to Text or Photos

While photos can easily strike the interest of users, nothing could compare to an illustration when it comes to encapsulating the distinct style of a brand. It can communicate a brand’s message more effectively than stock photography, especially when it comes with an air of lightheartedness, creativity or humor.

3. Reinforce Text by Using Meaningful Icons

Icons prove to be powerful since they encase lots of meaning even in a small space. These symbols are like colors in the way they produce quick responses due to emotional associations that are unexpected. Checkmarks and trophies are “positive” icons that associate users with success.

4. Let CTA Buttons Stand Out by Using Contrasting Colors

A landing page aims to get users to click on the call to action (CTA) button. At first glance, the CTA should stand out even when users quickly scroll through. This means, a CTA button should have contrasting colors instead of complementary ones.

5. There Should be Leverage Directionality in Graphic Design

Users tend to follow directional cues when they in front of a desktop computer. As an example, the person on the photo makes a connection with the user. Since this same person looks in the direction of the user, it has the tendency to direct the user’s attention, which is best for a CTA or a sign up.

6. Make Use of Real People for Photos Instead of Models

Nowadays, users closely examine the level of “authenticity” demonstrated by a brand. For them, standard stock photos are artificial and do not look as trustworthy as pictures of real people. To address this issue, it is best to include photos of team members as well as customers in landing pages.

Powerful graphic design is a crucial part of usability for landing pages.

Before publishing a landing page for the very first time, it is best to make sure that the page’s visual elements reinforce the text. Users should be able to see the visual message clearly whether using a desktop or mobile device. If so, the landing page will be effective.

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Graphic Design Facts and Statistics

Because graphic design is so huge, there are actually facts and statistics concerning the occupation as well as the design artists themselves. One fact is to realise that many of those who are in design are actually self-employed. 25% of graphic artists considered themselves self-employed or freelancers.

As a rule, those with a bachelors degree in graphic design do better in the field and make more money than those with an associate of arts degree. Although there are technical schools for graphic design most of those who take these types of classes wind up in technical positions.

While the job market for graphic design is huge, so is the competition. You’ll need to slowly but surely build a portfolio of your work in order to take advantage of the best physician. Make sure that you have plenty of schooling, stay current on all design software, and the sides working at a salaried position see what type of freelance work you can pick up.

If you’re going to piecemeal your school you’ll need to learn about all kinds of art including art history. You’ll learn principles, basics, studio art, graphics production, website design, art sociology, cultural studies, marketing, and of course all the courses you get concerning business.

Remember, the more schooling that you have the better your physician and the higher your salary. In fact, most of the time when you go to a technical school you will be relegated to technical positions. Instead of being the graphic arts designer you’re going to be the assistant to the designer. So the higher-level education courses are really going to pay off in the long run if you really enjoy the creative aspect of graphic design.

Just as anything else in design salary varies considerably. As of 2006 most graphic design occupations earned over £20, 000 a year. The top 10% as a rule earned over £70, 000 per year. It’s important to understand that many times graphic artist are freelancers, or self employed, so these figures are going to fluctuate quite a bit.

Also, a Web designer is a separate position and often includes graphic design talents. Many Web designers are going to earn above what most graphic designers do, and yet they come in under a different category although they are basically working with graphic design anyway.

So if you combine talents such as Web design, marketing, business, and graphic arts you’re liable to make more money. Especially if you own your own business and work hard, but remember, most of those who are self employed put in many hours over and above the average 40 hour week.

Remember, a graphic artist is one that puts thought into artistic graphics instead of writing or text and yet their statement must be clear, concise, and one that everyone understands. If you’d like to be a graphic artist be sure that you get your schooling, while you can begin graphic art jobs without it, it’s much easier to make money if you know more about the occupation.

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Graphic Design Programs – Corel Draw

Corel Draw is a vector illustration program to desktop publishing developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. Corel Corporation is abbreviation of Cowplan Research Laboratory and deals graphic processing software. Michael Cowpland the founder of Corel Corporation developed Corel Draw software with the collaboration of two software engineers Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne in 1989. That was first version of Corel Draw and first graphics software for the windows platform. The company had a big success very soon by releasing this advanced technology graphic software. After the success of first version company introduced a series of upgraded versions. Up till now Corel Draw total sixteen versions have been introduced to the market and every next version introduced with new and enhanced features. Its latest version is CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 which is equivalent to 16 introduced on 20th March 2012.

CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 is very powerful and creative version ever launched by Corel Corporation. It is one of the complete graphic editor programs. CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 provides very easier way to create attractive graphics with a set of powerful illustration, drawing and editing software applications. CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 is not only faster to the market but it is also very easy to use. Moreover it helps to brings bright ideas to create attractive vector graphics. Whether you are an expert graphic designer or an artist who wish to achieve distinction or advancement in your work, CorelDraw Graphic Suite X6 is the right solution for everyone to achieve desired results. Means you have everything you need to express your innovative ideas and designing skills with endless option.This is sixteenth addition of Corel Draw software series and primarily consists following some new and enhanced applications.

  • CorelDRAW X6

This application is directly and instinctively known for vector illustration and page-layout application.

  • Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6

This is Images editing application to get attractive and desire look for professional designers.

  • Corel PowerTRACE X6

This is great application for accurate tracing bitmap images and converts into editable vector graphics.

  • Corel Website Creator X6

This is new included application in suite to possessing the strength and ability to create professional website templates.

  • Corel CAPTURE X6

This is an easy capture tool (just simple one-click screen capture utility).

  • Corel CONNECT X6

This is easy and quickly content finder tool.

  • Photozoom Pro 2

This is very useful plug-in (PHOTO-PAINT) to extend the digital images.

  • ConceptShare

This is great tool to interactive online working together with one or more people in order to achieve something better.

Corel Draw Graphic Suite X6 is directly known to evoke the feelings of creativity that forced to collide with every challenge of graphic designs. When we create something to evoke emotions and excitements then we want the world (especially experts and competitors) see our creations. CorelDRAW latest suite pack is one of the best graphic design programs that help to create innovative graphics in an organized and accurate way. It is truly professional software applications suite pack to cover the all types of workflow that are commonly used in graphic creating and editing.

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Basic Graphic Design Course

A basic graphic design course will teach a person about all the elements that are involved in producing a great design. These basics can then be used to further their career either by advancing in to more technical areas of design such as for motor vehicles or for the designing of furniture or clothes.

The first lesson that a person will participate in when they choose to do a basic graphic design course defines what are the building blocks one should be using when producing a design of their own. You will be made to look closely at the 5 elements that all graphic designers use in their own designs and these are as follows:-

1. Line

2. Shape

3. Mass

4. Texture

5. Color

All of which are essential for a person to understand and know how to use if they really want to become a competent graphic designer.

After learning about the 5 elements mentioned above during the next lessons a person will learn exactly how these pertain to designs. Although we all know what lines are during this lesson a person will learn much more about the various different lines that can be used during the design stage of a project and the ways in which they can be used.

Once the student has learnt about the importance of lines in their designs they can then move on to the next lesson which involves shapes. The three main shapes that any basic course will include are squares/rectangles, triangles and of course circles. During the lesson the student will closely examine the role that these shapes play in the scheme of a design.

Although to some people mass and texture in relation to a drawing or design may not seem important to a graphic designer it is. Through participating in a basic graphic design course a person is able to understand the visual weight of graphics and text elements which they will include in their own designs and in the designs of others. Plus by learning about texture a graphic designer is able to understand how embossing or other visual textures may make a person react in a certain way to a design.

Finally as part of any good basic graphic design course a person will learn how important the colors are that they choose for their design and the way that are likely to impact on it. Also it provides them with a better understanding of how certain colors work together and which don’t.

When it comes to finding a basic graphic design course the best place to start your search is on the internet. Not only will there be schools located close to where you live that offer you the chance to learn a little bit more about graphic design but there are also some courses available which you are able to take online. So in fact you are not restricted as to when and where you take yours if you choose to do one.

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Graphic Design and Simplicity

Everywhere we turn there are always plenty of options to choose from and yet while bartering with all this information it’s always comforting to know there are still very creative people who appreciate simplicity. Simplicity in communication, simplicity in graphic design, and simplicity in websites, not to say your projects should be boring and simple, that is never the case. But you must constantly be aware that whatever you’re designing unless it’s a personal painting or lyrics about your own personal struggles, your content is mainly for your audience to people who will be experiencing the product you have made.

Having something feel easy to use is very important for the user not to be overwhelmed with the content or form of your graphic design solutions. When you take the time to actually make something easy to use people will respond better simply because they see your design as something that they can manage with little to no frustration. And when they feel like it will be easier to use just based on perception then they are more likely to follow through on your planned desired outcome. By using a process called Chunking you can turn a very complicated process into something that’s quite simple by breaking the whole graphic design process into manageable parts, kind of like taking slices out of a while cake to better share with friends.

Constantly ask how your graphic design projects can be made simpler to relate to the ease of use by the user of your website. Remember that you are not the user of you site it’s the people who you are targeting that will be the primary users. Constantly ask yourself what can I do to make this easier to use?

Is there anything I can take away that might not be benefiting the people who will be experiencing this?

Do the elements or content directly support the branding strategies?

Will your visitors know that they are at the correct site?

When you go the route of simplicity you will find that the saying “less is more” holds true in most cases.

“Out of clutter, find simplicity.”

– Albert Einstein

More time can be given to focus on the needs of the project and meeting its goals.

Simpler pages also reduce load times because the code is a lot shorter. Having plenty of white-space is easier to code and having tons of scattered links and content for the user to have to dive through to find what they’re looking for. This includes quicker render times in their browser.

Last but not least, especially when it comes to updating your site, it will be easier for you to make changes and less content on the page and with more arbitrary elements.

As you become more efficient designer you will learn how to work smarter while still working hard. You will find yourself discovering shortcuts and doing fewer steps to achieve the same desired outcome, and spending more time thinking about solutions on how to achieve this outcome rather than focus on the problem itself.

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Graphic Design – An Online Web Service

Graphic design is an aesthetic and professional craft which necessitates tailoring graphics for visual communication and its presentational aspects. Graphic designers employ typography, layout and artistic proficiencies to bring forth their oeuvre. Some of the more familiar uses of graphics include magazines, adverts and product promotional materials. The graphic of any subject matter must integrate the commercial goals and strategy of an organization, the output abilities, and the budget restrictions of the promoter.

For a designer new thoughts & ideas can come by way of experimenting with modern tools and techniques. These days’ computers have become an essential tool in the design business. Computers and software applications are more often than not, seen by imaginative professionals as hard-hitting production tools than other conventional methods. Internet & other technological innovations have made it easy to get any kind of graphic design help as World Wide Web is laded with the information to simplify the graphic designers’ job. But with all the technology at your disposal, the buttoned-down mind is still be the most significant graphic design tool available to you as this art requires sound judgment and creativity. The method of presentation which includes medium & its expressive style are some of the others factors that are equally important to the design. The right development and presentation tools can considerably alter how an audience embraces a project.

Organizations these days are also outsourcing design projects for obtaining cost benefits as they believe that an idea is not limited by geographical boundaries and can present itself from anyone & anywhere. The benefits & possibilities of this user-centric approach to graphic are immense and hence such community-based design challenges are the way forward for most new-age graphic designers. The graphic challenge requires design professionals who can implement the graphic design maxims to each graphic art component separately as well as to the final piece. The challenge is open to in-house design staffs, marketing or advertising agencies, art studios & free-lance artists from around the world. This graphic challenge may demand the interpretation and exhibition of existing text or some pre-existing imagery or visual ex cogitated by the graphic designer and also require the graphic artist to be comfortable in working with diverse mediums with lots of experimentation.

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The Use of a Scrapbook As Design Inspiration For Graphic Artists

A ‘scrap’ is a small piece of something. A scrapbook is an album or digital content in which a collection of graphic design samples are posted or kept as a reference material. It is a book with empty pages on which the graphic artist sticks or pastes these small samples for future use. Items that can be found in a scrapbook include pictures, drawings, lettering styles, cut out pieces from magazines, posters, packages, labels, cartoons etc. Scrapbooking is the best way of preserving important information that would be relevant to the artist while attending to his duties. It is also an important aid that assists him in preserving his personal and family history.

The scrapbook is different from a portfolio in that a portfolio is a collection of only the works of the artist while a scrapbook contains both the works of the artist and more importantly the works of others. Some of the importance includes:

1. It serves as a reference material- The scrapbook helps the graphic artist to make a quick reference to his own creative works. This inference helps him to produce similar works with less stress. He can also use it to make reference to his capabilities to new clients who would like to see photo evidence of the creative prowess of the artist.

2. It serves as a storehouse for the preservation of graphic design works- It serves as a place where the graphic artist stores all his creative works and that of other seasoned graphic artists who are sources of inspiration to the graphic designer.

3. It assists the graphic artist in executing jobs- It serves as a memory aid when executing projects in graphic design. It helps the artist in picking harmonious colours and forms for his productions.

4. It serves as an inspirational tool for the graphic designer- The works of other artists in the scrapbook serves as strings of motivation and inspiration to the graphic artist. They give the artist a feeling of enthusiasm that boosts his morale and puts before him a challenge for the creation of better works full of new and creative ideas.

5. It serves as a guide to the graphic artist- The works in it serves as a tutor for the graphic artist on effective ways and procedures for producing specific works in the field of graphic design. It defines the parameters for the execution of graphic design works such as posters, book jackets, banners, billboards, labels, greeting cards etc.

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The Social, Cultural and Religious Roles of a Graphic Designer in Society

Graphic designers play several vibrant roles that ensure the development, survival, and sustenance of the society. It is no exaggeration to say that the products and services provided by Graphic designers ensure the smooth running of activities carried out in the society. Graphic designers educate, warn, inform, notify, entertain, etc. The Graphic artists play significant social, cultural and religious roles in the society.

Social Roles

Societal activities are promoted through the use of his products. For instance, the entertainment industry relies heavily on products in Graphic design. Cinematography, which is an aspect of the area is used for entertaining the young and old through its animated images and cartoons. Products in Graphic arts such as the production of hilarious books and other comic magazines that carries humorous stories coupled with satirical images are a mouth watering form of entertainment to the general public especially students.

The activities of the entertainment industry are communicated to the general public through communication tools such as posters, banners, flyers, handbills, etc. The identification of players and teams which are through jerseys bearing their individual names and flags of their respective countries are made easy as a result of printing.The programs of various sports are communicated to the general public through graphic design communication tools such as posters, banners, handbills etc.

Cultural Roles

In the traditional system of governance where a chief and his council (body of elders and other sub-chiefs) exercises authority over his subjects or members of the society, Graphic design products are greatly at work. Festivals, ceremonies, and rituals that are done in the society rely extensively on his products. These activities are relayed to the general public through posters, banners, flyers, and billboards. Cultural fabrics are printed with symbolic patterns that portray and educate us about our rich cultural heritage.

Religious Roles

Religious activities of the various religious bodies in the country are effectively carried out as a result of Graphic products. The location of the various temples, churches, shrines, and cathedrals are as a result of the signboards, signposts, billboards and banners carefully situated at vantage points. Without them, it would be very difficult for people to find the locations of the countless religious associations in the country. The printed attires which help us to readily identify roles that members of the religious group play. How will a new person in the church, mosque or shrine identify the leader of the religious group if not through the printed attire that they wear? Those with duties such as ministerial duties like ushers are identified by the printed stoles that they put on. Members of youth, men and women’s associations of several churches are easily recognized through the T-Shirts and association’s printed cloth. The interiors and exteriors of religious buildings are lavishly decorated with several wall hangings, buntings etc.

Also, the numerous posters, banners, flyers and handbills that inform members of religious programs, meeting days and times, harvest and fund-raising ceremonies are made possible by the Graphic designer. Church items are safely kept because of the comprehensive labels that have been done on them. The stickers, key holders, bangles and other church paraphernalia that attracts and draws new members into the various religious groups are as a result of him.

In some religious denominations, special books which are believed to be ‘holy’ such as the Bible and the Koran are used for teaching and disseminating the doctrines of the religious bodies. It can be said without exaggeration that the Graphic designer assists greatly in the smooth flow of religious activities carried out by the various religious bodies in the country.

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A Few Smart Graphic Design Tips

Images speak louder than words ever can! So, whether you are creating graphics for social media, web or print media, you need to smartly arrange all the elements in order to create a visually appealing design. Eye catching designs will help you drive more and more customers to your website and help your business grow.

Here are a few graphics design tips to follow

Limit Fonts Usage

The idea here is select your fonts smartly and do not change them frequently. Select 2 -3 fonts if necessary to create an appealing visual effect. But make sure that you don’t change fonts very frequently on a single page. It is difficult to scan multiple fonts and keep reading. It’s just annoying!

Space out the elements

Give your graphics some space to breathe! Do not clutter all the graphics in one place. Or do not include too many graphical elements just stuck to each other! Make sure that you space out the graphics and text on your website and create a great visual effect for your site.


Colors play a very important role in graphic designs. Each color we see creates a different psychological impact on our minds. Colors have the power to change your mood and buying decisions of your customers too. So select the colors for your graphics prudently. For example blue color depicts authority and purple color royalty. Similarly, each color has something to say.

Clean and Crisp Design!

A crisp design is one that conveys clearly the message behind it. The design in itself as mentioned earlier should not be cluttered and all the elements should be appropriately spaced. Also use good contrast so that the text and images are easily visible and do not merge.

Keep it simple

The basic idea of graphic design is to keep it simple. Make sure that your message is conveyed in the simplest possible way. Remember that sometimes simple is glamorous! Ensure that the image and the text is sharp and crisp so that users can read without extra effort.


The fundamental behind a good graphic design is the research that goes behind it. Do not blindly start without understanding the purpose of the design. Gather all the necessary information and all the necessary materials and then begin your design.


Maintain a contrast between overlapping elements or the message will be lost! Contrast if used artistically, makes your graphics look awesome! Ensure that you maintain appropriate contrast between the various elements of your design.

Well, graphics design is not just about putting images together, it is about creating magic with images. The moment your customer sets eyes upon the image, they should be urged to buy! This is possible if only if the graphics are designed with all the basic principles in mind.

You can completely change the perspective of your customers about your business with the right kind of graphics designed carefully and used at the right places on your website. It could take your business to the next level.

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Graphic Design Tutorials

Graphic design tutorials deal with pictures and drawings that can be inserted into a paper model or sketch. Graphic design works can be newspapers, brochures, magazines, calendars and so on. At the base of this technique are design elements. These are: lines, shapes, mass, color and texture. Lines are one of the basics in graphic design. Lines combined can give a very graphic look to develop a project. Line – is a geometric form, a line is a point in motion, with only one dimension – length. Points create lines and lines create shapes or planes and the illusion of volume in two-dimensional formats.

The three basic shapes are geometric shapes, natural and abstract. In a paper you can combine all three forms and can get something magnificent in terms of graphics. Mass is equal to the size of each element that is a work of design made to a certain size. In a paper color combination is very important. You can see a good designer after the way he combines colors in his work. A good work of art is when a color combination manages to convey something to people like emotions, feelings and so on. Texture – this is another illusory design element, because a brick is not really a brick in two dimensional designs. There are some elements called tutorials.

They are carrying out work with graphics in some programs like Adobe illustrator, Corel draw and so on. Another tutorial is making major 3D effects on text. This effect on 3D text is called interpolation and uses intake style. Intake is one way to achieve 3 D objects. If you want to get an agenda or a quality schedule go on-line and call in a designer to help. You can also send him some photos you would like to be placed in your work. Graphic design is an art and in order to do that you must be born artist.

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