Reasons Why Having A Logo Is Important For Your Branding

A picture speaks a thousand words – the idiom is not new to anyone. It is the reality, which most of us deny accepting, but no matter what, you cannot run away from the fact that visual effects leave a monumental impression than the words or saying. Therefore, when it comes to the branding of your company, so, having a logo is important to stand yourself apart from the crowd. It’s an undeniable truth that at some point, we can forget the name of any company, but, we recognize them with their logo. Do you still think it is not worth to invest in? Well, if yes, scroll down and learn the importance of having a logo for your branding, so, you won’t deny investing in it.

  • First Impression: You’ll never get a second chance to make your very first impression, so, you should grab it. A logo will help you leave a first as well as the lasting impression of your brand in the customer’s mind. Without this, you won’t be able to communicate your ownership because it is the only thing that helps your clients understand who you are and what benefits you are trying to offer them.
  • Distinguishes You From The Competition: Well, we all know that, it takes nothing to join the crowd and do what they all are doing, but it takes everything and courage to stand-alone. And if you want to make yourself a brand in the cut-throat competition, you need to get out of the couch and do something that gives your clients a reason to choose you over your competitors. Also, it will help them distinguish you from the competitors.
  • Win Customer Loyalty: Customer loyalty is very much important for your branding, as they are your true asset and having them on your list will reflect the growth of your business. A logo will help you win that faith. It’ll help you stay close to your customers, so, you can understand their needs better and serve them accordingly.

Do you still have any doubt? No, what are you waiting for? Before your competitors take your customers away, go and design a logo for the branding of your business. Confused from where to start and how to start? Hire a professional website designing company that also serve you logo designing and help you create an identity over the internet or intranet. You need to do it correctly with care because your brand image is connected to it.

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Developing an Ideal Concept for Your Logo

Via the use of a flag, mark, signature or symbol the logo sets an identity to a brand or its product. Even though logos don’t directly sell the company neither does it describe the business, what they do is drive through the quality of the product it symbolizes and not the other way round. Logos are the real identity of a brand; therefore before you embark on logo design, you have to understand what a logo really is and what its function is.

A logo defines a brand or its product in the simplest way. After a logo becomes familiar by the public eye it must be noted that its function also gets familiar by the people, alike how people’s name is used to identify them.

An ideal logo is very simple and understandable in form having practical, appropriate and easy message which showcases the point very distinctively.

There are many concepts to follow to land a hit logo design, but a lot of creativity and concentration is required for it. There are many ways to get to the concept of a logo but a design should firmly follow the basic rules. The designer’s first job is to develop an initial idea and to communicate whether it’s film, ad, product, service, marketing campaign or a storyboard. You have to learn to transfer your client’s request into a very distinctive concept.

To get the ideal concept for your logo design there are two basic principles governing the art of logo designing; imagination and concept, we may get several ideas and each one will require a different direction to bring them to life. It’s natural to pop up with questions when coming up with ideas like,’ How will I make the right logo, by which decision? “How long will it take to get the logo completed?” Will my client like it? Will it be a hit? Etc. As Marty Neumeier quoted for the Brand Gap, ‘First, get the right idea and second? Get the idea right!’ A designer must focus on what he/she can do to tap into their creative zones and the likelihood of achieving that goal.

The good think about Logo art is that it doesn’t have to be literal, if you designed a jaw for a dentist, canon lens for a photographer, hearts and bubbles for dating sites, buildings for retailers and good looking, glossy people to represent a team work, you are NOT the first one! These ideas are overused and over-rated and too mainstream. These clichés won’t help you distinguish one brand from another. Think outside your ‘Box’ and evaluate designs then select the idea that takes a different angle.

All you have to do is to take your good time, think clear and outside the box!

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How to Choose a Good eCommerce Website Development Company

Finding an ecommerce website development company that will not just charge you thousands of dollars without helping improve profits is not easy. Here are some tips to help you choose an ecommerce website development company for your business:

o Range of services: Check first whether the ecommerce web site development company can cater to all your needs including website designing, logo designing, copy writing, content improvements, web hosting etc. Even if you don’t need some of those services immediately, it is always better to choose an ecommerce website development company that will be able to handle your future business requirements as you venture grows.

o Capabilities: Before entrusting your e-venture evaluate their experience and the work they may have done for some other similar companies. Does the ecommerce website design company have qualified professionals. Are they using all the latest techniques like link building, search engine optimization, forum posting, blogging etc or any of the other latest methods to help you plug your website straight into the action in the Internet commercial hub? Can it handle your domain registration, web hosting etc needs?

o Free quote & evaluation: An ecommerce company with experienced and confident professionals will never ask you to pay for initial evaluation and project planning.

o Creativity & style: Of course there are all kinds of ecommerce website development companies offering a range of services but even if they include a team of highly skilled professionals, it is not enough if the team is not creative. You want your e-venture to look special and unique before the target group. This is all the more important considering the Internet is a volatile medium and the user can navigate away from your website in a flash with just a click if your website fails to hold him. Check out an ecommerce website development company that will bring uniqueness to your website.

o Empathy: A professional team is no doubt required to handle website development but does the company you entrust your designs to, work as a team with your marketing and advertising professionals? Always pick an ecommerce website development company that will be willing to spend extra time understanding the special needs and subtle nuances of your business venture.

o Add-ons: A good ecommerce website development company should be able to provide you what sells in the market. If a website is created and it does not sell, it is no more than rubbish for you. Look for a company that can get you seo done website which is able o sell. Look for a seo website design company when looking for some work on your site. The work done on your website should be able to get you returns on business.

All said and done, if you haven’t yet made those millions with your website, surely a good ecommerce website design company could help!

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50 Questions To Ask When Designing A Logo

There are various questions you can ask when preparing a logo design. I do NOT suggest you ask a client all of these questions, but it will help you think of a few useful questions that maybe you did not consider earlier. I have divided into 5 sub-categories: company questions, branding questions, design style, target audience and budget & timing.

Company questions

• What is your company/organization/product name?

• What sets your company apart from others?

• What services or products does your company provide?

• Why should I choose your company over the competition?

• How long is your company in business?

• How big is your company?

• What are the strengths and weaknesses of your company?

• Where do you see your company in 5, 10 and 50 years?

• Who is your main competitor?

• Why was your company founded?

• What keeps you motivated to run and stay in the business?


• If you describe your company with a single word, which word would it be and why?

• If your customer describes your company in one word, which word would it be and why?

• Do you currently have a logo?

• How old is your current logo? (If answered yes in the previous question.)

• Are there any elements from your previous logo that you would like to retain? (If answered yes in the previous question.)

• What is the reason for redesigning your logo?

• What is the positioning of your company?

• Does your company have a tagline or slogan that should be incorporated in the logo?

• What do you want your company to be known for?

• What do your customers recognize first when they see your logo?

• Why does your company use this colors, fonts, etc.?

Design preferences

• Which color palettes do you like? why?

• Where will the logo be primarily used?

• Are there any elements you want to have in the logo?

• What defines a well-designed logo in your opinion?

• Which restrictions might there be regarding the logo?

• Which logos do you like and why?

• Which logos do you dislike and why?

• In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a logo?

• Where would you like to use the logo?

Target audience

• Who is your primary target audience?

• What type of clients currently use your product the most?

• Are you pleased with the range of clients your company serves?

• Are you looking to expand, modify or change your target audience?

• What are your plans for focusing on your target audience?

• What is your main form of advertising?

• How do most clients find out about your company?

• Which gender is most important to you?

• Where do most of your clients live?

• What is the average income level of your target audience?

Budget and timing

• What is your budget for this logo design?

• How many revisions are you planning?

• How many initial concepts do you want to see?

• Do you want to set various deadlines along the design process?

• Do you think there will be any modifications in the future?

• What is the primary reason you chose to work on your logo?

• What is most important for you: quality, speed, or cost?

• Are there any going to be any special events or promotions from which the this design depends?

• Will you be needing any other services?

Did I miss other important questions? Please, share yours.

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Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Hospital Logo

Hospital services are increasing and becoming like any other corporate business day by day therefore a hospital logo should be managed like any other corporate identity.

Hospital logo design is the best way to represent the healthcare services you intend to provide to your target audience.

It is the graphic representation of your hospitals identity. By looking at the logo your target audience gets an idea of your professionalism and expertise. What things should be kept in mind while designing a hospital logo?

• What’s the hospital mission and for whom are you designing the logo for?

The first thing you should be very clear is what is the mission of the hospital? Is it providing services to the under privileged or is targeting the elites of the society.

For instance if you are targeting the underprivileged class of the society logo should reflect a warm feeling, use of soft colors with images people easily relate conveys your message to your audience in a much effective way.

A more businesslike approach is required for targeting the elite using sharp colors and images with bold outlook attracts the elites and educated class.

• Appropriate Choice for hospital logo design


Color choice is very important while creating a hospital logo. It should be designed to grab the attention of the audience while giving them a sense of security and trust. Colors play an effective role in conveying what your hospital services stands for, usually red, blue, green or any bright color is used in hospital logo mainly to grab the attention.


Most people hold the misconception that a logo should always suggest what a company does. This is not true for instance it is not always necessary to show a dry cleaning machine in a cleaning logo. Hospital logos should show the specialties that you offer, the graphics and symbols used in the logo should convey the sense of comfort and professionalism. Use of relevant medical symbols or images of the areas of specialty like orthopedics or gynecology change the entire look of the logo giving it a feel of geniuses and effectiveness.


Font is yet another important part of your logo design. Using a stylish perky font for a hospital design is appropriate?? Always use a simple straight font that is readable and understandable by all audience.

Like any other business a hospital also has its own personality but most often we see almost similar logos presenting different hospitals using identical images, fonts and colors.

The most important thing for a hospital is to build trust and reliability among the audience therefore hospital logos should be designed while keeping in the mind the individuality, trust, responsibility as well as it should be compelling.

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20 Identical Logo Designs – Copy Or Coincidence?

Plagiarism has become a widespread problem. People often plagiarize stuff that is easily and readily available. Be it the education field or the corporate world, the curse of plagiarism is prevalent. The same nuisance is existent the logo design industry. You will witness hundreds of logos that either resemble other logos or are a downright copy. But is it done intentionally or it is a coincidence? Irrespective of how you come up with a logo design, you have to make sure it does not inadvertently fall into the parameters of logo theft.

The risks of plagiarism in logo designs:

Logo plagiarism is an ever increasing nuisance for designers, especially with the advent of the internet. With a simple click or just a little search on Google, anyone in the world can copy your corporate logos. In fact, Google itself has not been spared of this unethical practice. Google has recently warned a Chinese search engine to change its logo as it is a clear copy of world famous Google logo.

Original VS Inspired logo:

There is a vast difference in creating an original and an inspired logo design. Originality is something that many logo designers claim. Making slight modifications to it and then claiming it to be new and unique is not called originality.

However, many designers have been defending themselves saying creative minds think alike and I think they are not completely wrong. What happens is that a logo designer observes so many logos in his life. Intentionally or unconsciously, he follows those ideas when designing for a client.

Therefore, take a look at some of the most identical logo design below and decide which of these seems to be a copy or coincidence?

1. Google and Goojje

2. VOLVO and Quicktime

3. British Paints and Pagan Osborne

4. NBC and Nebraska ETV Network

5. Belfast CityandSouth Hams Food & Drink

6. Blackburn Market and Barrow

7. Britney Spears’ believe

8. Quark, Alcone, Scottish Arts Council and Artworkers

9. DoshDosh and David Airey

10. Carrier and Ford

11. BMW and BYD

12. FDA and SEGA and CNN

13. Toyota (Japan) vs Jincheng (China)

14. PEPSI and Korean Airline

15. One Spa, One, Penzeys One

16. Sun Microsystems and Columbia Sportswear

17. Sinar Mas and Airbus

18. Unilever and Swiat Zdrowia

19. Bacardi and Swiss air force logo

20. Quiznos Sub and New Quest

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Some Check Points For a Brand Identity Design

It has to be efficient in its presentation, and must create an impact on the person who sees it. A smart blend of the business name and its work has to form the design of the brand identity. Following are the essential checkpoints that must be considered before settling on a final brand design:

Be sure of the proficiency level of the designer, who is assigned the task of creating the most crucial emblem of the organisation. Choose a person who has the dexterity of a professional designer and is creative enough to understand the magnitude of the company’s logo. Take time to sit with the designer and explain your ideas to him so that he can give them shape and bring out the perfect logo.

A perfect logo is the ideal amalgamation of the right color, right letters and right graphics. The combination of all these elements makes the overall outcome prevailing and unique from other similar competitions.

The logo design is all about the projecting what the company is all about. It reflects the nature of the business, with style fused into it. It should be such that stays in the minds of the customers and they are able to relate to the company’s existence by identifying the logo. Also, a logo is something that is not changed or modified very frequently so as to avoid confusing customers and clients. Therefore, the design must be finalised after much research and careful analysis.

It is of course not easy to analyse how effective the design of the logo is and once the business starts to flourish, only then one gets to evaluate the efficiency of the logo. A newly launched logo design may take some time to go down well with the audience and thus affect the sales and revenue accordingly.

Good research of the market – the on going trends, what’s in, what’s out – all this gives you a rough idea about the kind of audience that you will cater to. Therefore to make sure your logo design is not a dud, do some heavy study into what kind of logos consumers relate to.

Read about the basic tenets about logo designing. This would help you to adhere to the norms as well as boost your sales.

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Strengthen Your Corporate Identity With Professional Logo Design

A professional logo design plays very major role in strengthening corporate identity of particular business merely helping out in creating immediate brand recognition. In fact, nobody can challenge power of great business logo design in making particular brand stand out apart from cluster of its competitors in a crowd. Now-a-days, consistency is the fundamental principle of survive in cut-throat marketplace and creative logo design helps in sustaining brand image by strengthening corporate identity of a company.

A corporate identity is the company visual presence mainly reflecting a brand identity used for immediate recognition of a company. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, the powerful marketing strategy of establishing customized identity has become necessity rather than fad. In fact, good brand identity management specifically aimed to strong positioning so that particular business get noticed by prospective customers.

A good iconic, clearly identifiable and memorable company signature is the key to ultimate success of particular business recognizance in the targeted marketplace. Now-a-days, majority of people are using a simple and custom logo design as a perfect marketing force across the globe for universal consumer recognition. By means of effective signature, an individual represents company’s essence among target customers and clients in the best possible manner.

Useful tips to create a unique and impressive corporate identity by professional logo-design:

  1. Creative logo design: A company signage is the prominent tool acts as a cryptogram expressing the key message of the company among target customers. A company signature should be entailed with elements like scalability, creativity, readability,artistic, memorability, simplicity, innovativeness, uniqueness, brilliant colors and originality so that t can attract eyes of more and more people.
  2. Typography: Just give a thought to attractive signature with highly complex typography. What will be the point of creating signature which is not being able to convey particular message clearly. So, an individual should always opt for easy-to-read typefaces for logo concepts in order to convey his key message to potential clients.
  3. Identity standard: The corporate identity standards holds significant importance in building visually impressive and professional brand image because it is prominent source through which the general public will identify particular company name. Therefore, a person needs to maintain identity standards to create best impression on is respective clients and customers.
  4. Simplicity: In the web designing, simplicity along creative logo concept is the thumb rule of success. So, one should stick to simple designs because more simple means more powerful.

Therefore, an individual should take into consideration all the above discussed useful tips in order to strengthen corporate identity of his company. Create a good brand image with highly professional logo design and get known to everyone.

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Why to Design a Black and White Fashion Designer Logo

Fashion designing is a game of colours. Whether creating apparel or jewellery or handbags, blending appealing shades in contrasting way is the knack of creative designing. I’ve often seen people rejecting a fine-looking dress just because “red is not in,” or “yellow doesn’t suit my looks”and other similar comments on colours. So, colour is one the definitive factors when one buys a style product. This has led designers to believe that their logos ought to be multihued and vibrant. This is often a misconception because one can create an excellent fashion designer logo using just two colours – black and white.

The questions, however, is, “why fashion designers’ logo should be black and white and not coloured?” Here are some answers you can’t easily ignore.

Easy and Cheap to Print

Coloured cartridges are expensive and people often avoid printing in colour when need several copies. They are also more flexible in use as you don’t have to take much care in using them on your flyers, business cards, and letter heads because they can fit well on paper.

Have a Classy Ever-Green Look

Colours go in and out but black and white remain. Black and white is a combination that has been in use since the advent of creative designing and there is no chance of their getting out of fashion. Having this ever-green combination on your logo ensures that your logo will never become out-of-date. You can use this logo forever.

Grab Attention through Excellent Contrast

Black and white colours are popular for their excellent contrast. They go perfectly well together. What more, their contrast is very much attractive and eye-catching, so you can easily grab the attention of the onlookers using this appealing combination.

Stand Out In the Crowd of Images

As I pointed out earlier, when creating a fashion logo, focus usually is on the use of colours. So there is pretty good chance that in any fashion designing competition or event, all other logos will be full of colour but yours will be unique. Besides, the designer has not relied on the colours for creating the appeal, so it will more artistic and creative. In the gallery of logos of all fashion designers, your logo will easily stand out.

Conveys clear message

Have you ever give it a thought that the all manuscripts and document requires black printing on white paper? This is simply because that it’s easiest to read black text with white background. Changing the font colour or background colour can make the message unclear and difficult to read. Black & White fashion designer logo is, therefore, better in communicating its message than a coloured one.

Combining them all, you come up with an attractive, more powerful and unique design with black and white colours which will give your fashion business an outstanding character.

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Logo Design – 5 Rules to Seek Success

Logo design, it’s important you know exactly what you’re designing. It’s a big wide world, and creating a logo that is purely unique and unseen can be difficult, especially when it comes to creating for a large company. There are a number of ways you can set your design apart from others and stand out from the crowd, and this article will teach you exactly how to do that.

1. Go back to basics – It’s important that your logo grabs attention, but sometimes making it too flashy can tend to become a bit of an eyesore, especially if it’s for a large international company. Simplicity is a core rule, and even though some of you may think rules are made to be broken, in this case they are definitely not meant to be. Larger companies keep this rule close, with most major sporting brands keeping it simple yet effective, making them among the most recognised on the planet.

2. Consider customisation – Throughout decades, there have been a number of different logo styles to grace advertisements on billboards and television. But which one of them looks the most unique and recognisable? A certain soft drink brand has been using the same font style for over a century, and has continued to dominate the soft drink industry for just as long, and even though keeping it simple is key, it is also important to incorporate a little bit of unique and creative flair.

3. Accept public criticism – In the last decade or so, social media has boomed massively and continues to do so, and with the growing amount of people that use it, almost every man and his dog has developed an opinion about something or other. This is why it is important to accept feedback and criticism from the public, negative or otherwise. In saying that however, you must learn that not every opinion is going to be clear cut and nice, and must expect the occasional troll or harassment.

4. Add personality – Yes, the first rule states that you need to keep it simple, but this doesn’t mean you need to make it completely bland and devoid of any emotion. Adding a flair of personality brings your logo into the limelight, making it noticeable and leaves an impression in the viewers mind. If the logo leaves an impression, this may lead them to have interest in the product and in turn it may even create a new customer for the company. There are a number of companies that have done this, and have moved on to become multi billion dollar industries.

5. Understand colours and their effects on the human psyche – It is widely known that colours have a certain effect on the human mind. A number of green shades can represent balance and tranquillity in the mind, whereas strong reds can cause the mind to view it as hostile and angry. However, when colours are mixed, they can influence the mind in a multitude of unforeseen ways and can leave a lasting impression. McDonald’s is one such company which employs strong red’s and yellow’s, making it instantly recognisable as a fast food company, with yellow employing an emotional response and red employing a physical one, linking hunger and desire to one another.

It is a wide world of logo’s, and standing apart from the crowd is no easy feat. But with these tips, you can be assured that with a bit of knowledge, you can develop your own look and make sure your logo is noticed and put on the map of large industries.

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