Considerations in Design Fiction

Design fiction makes use of fictional scenarios for the purpose of visualizing and explaining probable futures of the design. Primarily, it is an approach that makes speculations regarding new ideas via storytelling and prototyping. Let’s find out more about the considerations in design fiction.

Why is Design Fiction So awesome?

For consideration in design fiction, you may want to find out why it is so awesome. Below are some solid reasons:

1. Multiple aspects

It has the aspects that make it different from any other field, such as idea generation, prototyping, and making. In design fiction, you don’t need to worry about the success of the deliverables. As a matter of fact, it’s more about looking for an appealing way to show your ideas. This process helps you find out whether the idea might be acceptable by the society. I other words, your main focus is not on the technical feasibility of the design.

2. Evaluation with preconceptions

Designers have to be very careful and pay attention to tiny flaws for making their concepts a lot better. Therefore, before we consider a concept, what we do is doubt it evaluating it on the basis of today’s constraints.

We may reject a certain concept right away since it can’t work in any way, and that it can’t be cost-effective in any way. Often, we look at concepts as something with no context. Even if we see that a concept does have a context, we find no narrative. Besides, when we give an idea in the form of a design fiction, what we usually do is eliminate the constraints. However, we do accept some assumptions as to the context, which allows us to make an evaluation of the idea.

3. Framework

Design fiction offers a framework to make conceptual designs. In layman’s terms, it gives a framework forcing designers to think outside the box without losing the inspiration to create designs that are not bound by today’s constraints. Actually, it tells us that we shouldn’t just copy from science fiction. Instead, we should try to find out new possibilities being creative. What we need to do is foresee the possible problems. Resolving the existing problems shouldn’t be our only focus.

4. Design Fiction is interdisciplinary

What does this term mean? It means that your design fiction representation may employ skills from a variety of disciplines. Primarily, it is based on the subject that you need to work on, which may be a future object, architecture, entertainment, medicine or education system.

Let us take an example. You have the freedom to present your design via a film; however, you should produce artifacts that you think people would like in the industrial design.

5. It is fun

Frankly speaking, it is fun. You don’t need to worry about cost, feasibility, requirements and clients. You can add humor to your work. As a matter fact, it is fun to imagine stuff that will come into existence in the future.

Hopefully, you now know well what you need to know about considerations in design fiction.

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How To Fill Out The Creative Brief Form To Get Your Hair Salons Logos Design?

You are sitting in your drawing room and planning to launch your new beauty parlor this time because your last business failed miserably?

If that’s the case then you have reached the right place for this article will let you understand how to come up with a lucrative business. Whether you are launching a nail, hair or a complete beauty salon, you will require a proper exposure because now we can find a beauty parlor at every corner of the street. Therefore, how you will look standout from the rest of the parlors if you don’t have something unique in your hands. Yes, we are talking about hair salons logos design.

This is the industry most appealing to the women because it revolves around neatness, visual appeals and outward beauty. Although, there are many salons that are serving men as well but what can we do about the stereotypical image of beauty parlor. Anyhow the corporate identities should also reflect feministic approach from every angle of it. The following informational text will deliver some ideas for those who want to end up on a perfectly designed brand recognition device for their beauty parlor.

Filling out the creative brief form:

If you will head towards a professional graphic design service, they will ask you to fill out a form which will pay them as much information of your expected logo design as possible. Tell them what are your ideas about creating a brand mark for yourself? For instance, if you want to relate it to a specific beauty treatment like facial, aromatherapy, pedicure etc. or you want it to show overall concept of a beauty parlor.

You must also think what kind of target market you are catering to, for example; if you are running a beauty parlor in a high class society then you might prefer something that is sophisticated, elegant and simple. You can search for sample creative briefs that a graphic design company may give to their clients so that you can get an idea of what they may ask you.

Natural pictures will definitely do better:

Cultures vary from places to places which may be exhibited from your brand identity but that will be something common. Instead of this, you can go for beauty symbols inherited from different cultures to give your corporate identity a refreshing look. For example; Greek or Chinese or Indian beauty symbols will help you develop a new look but it is also important not to come with something totally out of the world which doesn’t relate to your local beauty salon at all.

Another good idea will be to dig out some material from internet. Try searching for beauty symbols or hair salon logos through Google image box to get some ideas and then suggest them to your professional graphic designer to deliver you with something like that but make sure you are not copying it at all.

Therefore, look at various possibilities to come up with different unique concepts for your brand mark identity before filling out creative brief form.

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Affordable Band Logo Design – Design Your Band Logos Easily

If you want to promote your local band through a fledgling, yet hopefully stable, advertising campaign, you will need a school band logo design to start the endeavor. Such a promotional campaign can increase your band’s exposure exponentially through online and offline efforts, helping you reach audiences that you would not otherwise have access to. If you wish to advertise your participation in a battle of the bands competition, or even hope to achieve international recognition, affordable logo design will be integral to your success.

You may wish to create a brass band logo design or marching band logo design, but lack the technical expertise or artistic chops to do so. For those without the know-how, custom logo designer programs are easily available on the Internet. These programs utilize a simple logo-maker script to help you create your very own band logo with a basic control panel interface. An easy logo maker can even help you personalize your logo as desired, or streamline an already existing concept and make it work more effectively.

Customization with logo design programs can involve the addition of images, such as illustrations you have made or photographs you have taken. You can also integrate icons — a large number to choose from are usually available within the program. More fonts can help you deliver your written message clearly, whether you want a fun font, a classic style font, or a really funky font. Choose the font that best expresses your band name or slogan. With all these options, you can make the logo design distinctly and uniquely yours.

Easy logo makers are often available for use at no cost. Working online ensures that you would not have to spend a single penny even if you design a variety of drafts, as well as subject each of the drafts to personal feedback, and select and fine-tune your final version of the school band logo. Once you are satisfied with the logo you have created, you can input your e-mail into a form on the website and have them send your logo as a high-resolution image.

If you really want to make your logo shine, give it some polish by enlisting the aid of a graphic artist or related professional. Whether you consult with one or not, you will already have saved hundreds of dollars that would otherwise go towards conceptualization, execution, and revision of your band logo design.

Extend your logo’s use even further by using in on band shirts, CDs, flyers, and other promotional material. You can even start free logo design services yourself, by hosting a simple logo-maker script on your website.

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4 Principles of Designing the Perfect Logo

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the concept of designing a logo. When they watch an icon, they fail to admire the work that has gone behind it. But contrary to such perception, developing a good illustration is a tall ordeal because scarcely do people connect with a poorly created design. Anyone can create an illustration but icons aren’t just an illustration; it’s a graphical representation of a business or entity. They aren’t just symbols as they are much more than that. What a business is all about, what it does is all illustrated through an icon.

So what makes a good illustration anyway?

Many people wonder what it takes to design an eye-catching logo. Is it the colour, typography or is it some unique element that only designers are aware of? But in reality, all it takes to design a perfect logo is creativity.

Keep it simple

The major mistake that most people make is to overcomplicate their designs. No one wants to see designers showing off their designing skills by over elaborating things that nobody can understand. The best thing to do would be to keep it simple yet creative. Think of the most popular illustrations around and you will see that they are simple.

Think about the psychology behind colours

Every colour represents a different emotion related to the brand. Some of the more prominently used colours are the emotion they evoke are:

• Yellow: Appetising, friendly and warm.

• Orange: Cost efficient, fun and innovative.

• Red: Aggression, passion and danger.

• Pink: Flirty, girly or feminine.

• Brown: Rustic or rural.

• White: Simple, clean and pure.

• Black: Class and sophistication.

• Violet: Dignity, luxury and wealth.

• Blue: Success, calmness and trust.

• Green: Environment-friendly, fresh and natural.

A brand should define a logo; not the other way round

One should remember that an illustration shouldn’t define a brand but it should be the other way round. The icon should convey about the business and its kind.

Think about the future

Any business icon should also be relevant many years down the line. So any designer should keep in mind that such illustrations should be timeless.

There is immense competition in the graphic industry. Aspiring creative minds are constantly churning out innovative ideas so the margin for error is small. You have to update constantly and reinvent yourself to match industry standards. Getting stagnant isn’t what designers are all about and not what artists should aspire to achieve.

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Give Your Logo The Essential Power!

No matter what you do to make your business a success, everything would be fruitless if your business fails to register proper recognition in its market. To let your logo display its potential to the full, it is highly important to design it accordingly. Logos stand for the identity of any business or organization and as such, should mirror its objectives to the full. Hence, adequate attention is required to build up the identity that your business aims for.

Creation of a company or business logo not only requires skill but intelligence as well. This is a task of great responsibility and should be handed to efficient designers, who have proved themselves in this business. Often, entrepreneurs want to try their hand at designing their own logos but the results might not be so bright unless you are a professional graphic designer. Business logos serve as marketing tools and are used on letterheads, business cards, signs and so on. It’s, therefore, not feasible to let your logo appear as an amateurish work in front of the world. So, the first step towards lending your logo the essential power would be to assign the task to a professional.

The next step towards a powerful logo creation involves the role of entrepreneurs in the designing task. This is by no means in contrast to what has been said earlier. Entrepreneurs should discuss their business goals and prospects with the designers to convey what they want their logo to represent. They should be able to translate their logos for various promotional items as posters, classifieds, business cards, brochures, etc. Once the outline of the logo has been finalized, the client should review the design and make suggestions. Feedback and reviews should always be welcomed so as to make the logo design more alluring. It’s important for your logo to look good both in black and white. Avoid using too many colors in a single logo design.

Any business or company logo design should possess the inherent capacity of standing the weathers of time. Following the changing trends will never account for the lasting success of any logo. Once the trend wanes, the logo too goes beyond recognition, in other words, it loses its identity. The target of any business entrepreneur should thus be the creation of a unique logo design that would stand the test of time and register an indelible impression on the onlookers’ minds. It’s definitely not a layman’s job to create such unique logos. Simple but unique: that’s the recipe for a powerful and effective logo. Intelligent design and concept makes a logo unique. For instance, if your business is based in the US, do not use a star in the logo as hundreds of competitive companies have already done so. Besides, the logo design of any organization should appeal to its target audience.

To let your logo imbibe more power within itself, the name of the business (either in abbreviation or in full text) can be imprinted. However, this should not make the logo complex. Your logo design should appear clean and simple, and reflect the motto and feel of your business. Once your logo has achieved the power, gaining an advantage over your business competitors would not be a big ask.

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A Perspective for a Communications Logo Design

A communicative image that which is remarkably unique and effectively communicates the ideas and ideologies of an organization in order to let the masses know of what they do and how it affects lives of billions across the globe. The more we observe our surrounding we understand that marketing has various weapons and images and intelligent designing is within the top 10 of the list. No one’s to blame, it’s our constant needs that lead to the evolution of products and new organizations, thus new symbols and merchandise material all over. But out of the variety, the one that stands out the most is always given a chance, even if their product isn’t worthy or effective. So what entices customers to take this initiative? 50% is the product and the idea behind it, whereas the remainder lies with ‘presentation’.


Designing is an art and with the times we live in, art is unique whereas designs aren’t. Somehow, even when a designer has researched all the possibilities around 10-15% is still found somewhere or the other. 90% of the times it’s not deliberate even though most critics online and offline would say simply that it’s a copy. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t designers out there who don’t copy, they most certainly do because the clients would always come up with a vision stating they want their logo to look like ‘this’ or like ‘that’. This is where the true battle lies, it’s more of a talent to steer them clear off their vision and concentrate on their own goals and mottos for their dedicated product. On the other hand designers with decades of experience would simply say ‘no’ to a copy vision and the client has to respect that because creating a unique and remarkable logo is the bread and butter for designers with immense experience.

To conclude monotony, hiring a professional designer would lead to the most memorable communications logo design, where they would know that portraying signals coming out of a box isn’t the only median to display communications instead, it could even depict 2 children communicating through a string with cans attached at each end.

Stop and Stare

The ultimate power of a communications logo design should be the ability to attract and make the masses stop and stare. No matter the color or typography, the heart of the design must be the image or the abstract image for that matter. The quality to entice the minds of many is a scarce talent, only the gifted few designers can pull this off. How far can a designer mold a product or specialization? If you are reading this as a designer, you would know that you tried your ultimate best and if you had more time you could probably make that one last change to a design to make it truly remarkable, but don’t belittle yourself, if it was designed from the heart, it’s just ‘perfect’.

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Discover the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Easy Logo Maker

Are you being constantly bugged about free easy logo makers?

Know its advantages and disadvantages…

As far as I know, its disadvantages are far much greater than its advantages. Let’s have a look at both of them.

Advantages of free easy logo maker:

1. They are cheap. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on getting a trademark. Many websites are offering cheap software online. You simply have to select the one that has the most tools and download it to your personal computer.

2. You don’t have to have any personal experience of using this software. Neither do you require any exceptional skills or talent.

3. If you don’t want to waste much time on brainstorming and creating a new brand, you have the privilege of choosing from ready-made templates. There are templates of every kind. You could simply choose a one that seems most appropriate to you, and make changes. You can change its color, font, shape and size, and gradient.

4. You can make changes in your brand later.

5. You can save your designs.

Disadvantages of free easy logo creator:

1. Though they are cheap, they cannot match the uniqueness of those created by professional brand creators. Pros are experts at this. They have deep knowledge and years of experience of creating successful brands. Every brand created by software will look alike somehow.

2. You cannot come with an exceptional looking design because you don’t have any experience in designing. Even if you make it, your brand will look ordinary.

3. The templates that these softwares provide are being used by many other users all over the world. You can change its color or font, but in some way it is going resemble somebody else’s brand. This is because the same template has been modified, and the base of the brand is just the same.

4. There would not be any originality in the design.

5. There are so many chances that your brand might resemble any other brand. This creates confusion and your brand can easily be confused with any other brand.

6. There are also copyright issues when you use free easy logo creator. If your brand is similar to someone else’s brand, he might claim that you have copied his idea, and file a suit against you.

As you can see for yourself, the disadvantages are far much stronger than the clumsy advantages. Logos are created only once, you don’t have to spend again and again on them. So why not hire a professional designer and get the brand of your dreams? Instead of using a good for nothing software?

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Logo Designed For Your Brand

To rise above a clutter, a symbol or logo is the fastest communication known to man. A great logo is recognizable even in a blink and tends to make a lasting impression.

A logo help in:

  • Making the brand identifiable
  • Make it stand out
  • Drive customer interest and sales.

we are a creative agency in Gurgaon and we gained enough knowledge about logos with our work experience and thus have listed out 7 questions that are essential to consider before designing the logo

1. What ‘type’ of the logo should you consider?

There are generally the four kinds:

Wordmarks- It’s a multi-letter abbreviation or freestanding word.

Letterform- It comprises of a single letter, usually it’s not an abbreviation.

PictorialIt is illustrated by a symbol or a design

Abstract- The abstract logo is which doesn’t use a symbol which can be directly linked with the brand name and the company.

2. What are the key points that the logo should convey?

Th logo must convey the brand image and message. There should be an instant connect and brand personality should reflect. The design must be recognisable in a blink of an eye and should be different than you competitors.

One great example of a very thoughtful logo design is AMAZON, the logo consists of the name of the brand and the arrow points from A to Z, representing how the company carries everything under the sun.

3. Which colour will be best suited to?

The choice of colour is of extreme importance. The biggest paramount is not to choose colours that your competitors have already embodied. Consider the psychological punches of the colours as well.

4. Which font should be used?

Fonts, just like colours convey various emotions. Different fonts work completely different.

No two industries can have same fonts, just keep in mind your target audience and choose the font accordingly.

5. Should I be designing the logo all myself or hire a professional to do the job?

Even with a tight budget, we suggests that you should leave the designing job to someone who has been in the field and knows in-and-out of it.

A trained graphic designer from a well-established logo design services in Delhi NCR or anywhere in India will be able to provide you with a better result, more than an expense, it’s an investment.

6. Once done designing, where should you place your logo?

Everywhere, on all online campaigns, social media posts, website. Offline on the front door, visiting card. Just make your logo recognizable.

7. Will it require touch-ups in future?

Every logo, even the insanely famous ones to some touch-ups every decade without changing the aesthetics of the logo.

As a leading creative agency in Gurgaon, we have the right knowledge, talent and experience to design the best and unique brand logos for you. For more information, connect with us.

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Professional Designer VS Amateur Designer

Within any specific industry, a professional is regarded and an amateur is only given a chance to prove himself, the trend however, is a risk to a new organization and an existing one is. It’s like going for a haircut to a new place knowing that you may be dissatisfied but the urge to try something new is never ending. So where does it lead an organization or a company with a new prospective? Should corporate industries take the chance at all? The answer is simple, if you believe in gambling and trust yourself to be lucky enough, then you may proceed. But when it comes to the identity of an organization, a gamble is unnecessary and completely uncalled for. There is a difference of impact on an existing organization compared to that of a new one as expressed below:

Existing Companies

The exuberant amount of money spent on infrastructure and miscellaneous expenses is all chalked out. But most organizations tend to deviate from the significant identity crisis they may face because of an outdated logo. Those who coherently follow trends and are competent, would not only revamp their logo but also set aside a budget with structured analysis as to how communicative their past logo was, its reach, its target audience conversion and not to forget its Social Media impact on the masses. But because there is a new trend and the existing organizations would like to incorporate this within their existing logo, it then becomes a daunting task for a professional designer to not only instill this new hint but also ensure that it doesn’t lose originality. In the midst of this process, the organization suddenly makes a decision to choose an amateur with new designs and hence the gamble begins.

The lingering question would only be answered at the end of a quarter or a tracking month, based on how communicative a logo truly is, whether developed by an amateur or a professional. Statistically, it mostly nurtures losses for existing companies to shift with immediate trends and especially with the aid of a new or amateur designer. Hence for an existing company, it is not only beneficial to stick with a professional designer with a decade of experience as they would complete research and analysis before incorporating an image, font or new color within the existing design or would advise accurately about the complete revamp of the current logo.

New Organizations

Startups tend to have amateurs listed way before seeking a professional. Let me cut this short to one basic point – ‘money’. The reason new companies tend to hire an amateur over a professional designer is not only because it is cost effective, but also to prove that new talent could only be unearthed with ‘risk’ involved. The masquerading statement above is a clear indication that cost effective techniques have surged deep in to organizations effecting vital decisions of brand and identity. From envisioning profits and success to that of facing reality and losses based on a poor, ineffective and an incommunicado logo. To avoid all that, a startup must always press on brand identity, a professional logo and apply cost effective techniques on everything other than the identity of the company. After all, the company is new, its presentation would score points just like the presentation of a ‘new candidate’ for an interview. The world awaits a new brand and what you have to offer has to be the best of the best. The best bet is to have a professional not only design the logo, but the website and the complete stationary.

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Add Value to Your Website With Professional Logo Designs

If someone were to mention the very name McDonalds to you, the first thing you’d remember is the golden arches. You’d even recognize those golden arches if they were presented to you in different colors. The McDonalds logo has become a brand icon today. Most companies try to achieve that sort of brand recognition. Everyone wants a unique symbol that will be recognized as their company logo wherever it appears.

This is something that every business person understands – it is a global language. And this is why businesses across the globe try to establish a brand identity that always starts with a logo. This is why most companies who are trying to change their image start by redesigning their logo. So, if you are considering making a brand new logo for your new business, or if you are considering redesigning your existing one, then there are a few things you need to remember.

Your logo is the first visual impression of your company. As important as this role is, it is just the start of what your logo can actually do for your company. It acts as a standard for your brand identity and can be used on your website, letterhead, product and even t-shirt! Anywhere that it appears, it should be sharp, clear and unmistakable. Creating a logo that sits pretty on your letterhead is not an easy task. It requires the skill of a professional designer who understands your business.

Calling in a professional to design your logo is the first step in your journey towards building a successful brand name, but it can go awry if you don’t know what exactly to expect. Although every graphic design firm has its own set of procedures and regulations, there are a few things you should expect from a professional logo designer.

Most professional logo designers will start by talking to you about your business. You will be asked a lot of questions that may not even pertain to graphics or art. The answers to these questions will only help him get a better feel of your business, which in turn will make it easier for him to brand you business. Some of the questions you may be asked are:

  • What sets your business apart from other similar businesses?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is the overall “feel” of your business?
  • Where will you be using your logo?

The last question is by far the most important question as it helps the designer consider the shape and size and how it will look on different materials and textures. If you are going to use your logo for something specific and unconventional, then your designer should know about this.

Once you’ve consulted with your designer, he will start off by sending you a rough draft of the logos and will wait for your approval. Always be honest about whether you like the design or not. It is OK if you like the font in one logo but prefer the design in the other one. He’ll work around it to come up with a final product that adds value to your business.

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