The Top Four Reasons Why to Prefer A Offshore Web Development Company

Offshore web design and development companies in India can build fast and expandable web systems that decrease aggravation and increase profits for the company. One can get custom website design, custom offshore website development, offshore programming, database design and development, SEO friendly interactive web services in affordable price.

Following are the four reasons why to prefer offshore web development.

1. High reliability: One can depend on expert, experienced software application development company that has large and smaller web projects with well documented codes, those are clearly designed and meticulously tested delivering high quality solutions in prescribed time frame.

2. Reasonable cost: Get an offer for your web development services for very reasonable pricing that cost you very less that that of the US and UK based companies.

3. Technically advanced: You can get robust leading-edge technology solutions, scalable and maintenance. These companies could provide you Software Web Programming and are particular expertise in open standards technologies including.NET and Java/J2EE platform to develop and integrate the projects.

4. Complete internet solutions: You can get full-cycle offshore development services form beginning to the end, including multimedia web design and development, e-commerce solutions, corporate intranet portals, database driven website development and many more…

Web design and development is very important for businesses. It not only presents you online but also builds a brand name to your business. You have to make it very different from your competitors with new and innovative ideas that bring your potential prospects to your business. If you think who can make this professional than others then better hire offshore development team form India. They can make what you want for you. Save your time and do not waste it.

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Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring The Best Website Development Company

The website not only helps you to create awareness about your brand in the market, but it improves your revenue by attracting more customers. In order to stay ahead in the competition in this online market, it is essential for you to hire the finest website development company who can help you in building a site with informative content and latest backend technology. But before going further, let’s take a look at the five major benefits of hiring the best web app development partner:

  1. Cost-Efficient: If you opt for developing a website in-house, you need to spend money on hiring developers and R&D team in order to set up a different area for them with all the needed tools and equipment. But if you decide to hire a web development partner, you only have to pay a basic amount to them and get the guarantee of best services. It also helps you eliminate unnecessary operational and labor costs.
  1. Saves A Lot Of Time: By hiring an experienced web development company, you can get assured that you will get an exceptional website built for your business. This lets you save time for your in-house staff so that they can focus on other tasks that are much more important. They can concentrate to adopt the necessary measures in order to enhance the level of their efficiency and productivity.
  1. Take Advantage Of The Latest Web Development Tools & Technologies: Professional website development agencies make sure that they use all the advanced tools and technologies in order to build a unique website. They work on original and innovative ideas so that to create a website which is highly influential and user-friendly. et access If you want to get access to global knowledge and world-class capabilities, you need to hire a seasoned development partner.
  1. Superior Quality Websites: When you hire a proficient web development service provider for building your website, you can be assured to get a high-quality site developed specifically to suit your unique needs. They are expert in transforming your ideas into superior customized websites so that you can enhance the reach of your business.
  1. Completion Of Project Within Deadline: Seasoned web development agencies have to maintain their credibility in the market and that is why they complete all their projects within expected deadlines. By hiring an efficient development partner, you can be assured to get your site built on time so that you can start-up with your other processes related to online marketing.

By considering the above points, you can easily pick the best service provider for your website development project. In case you want to know more about website development, hire the best website development company with an extensive experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and complex web pattern required to create excellent custom websites.

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The Top 5 Website Development Tips: Get More Sales by Following These

Every website should look clean, simple & professional. To develop an impressive website, here are 5 worthwhile web development tips that can makes your online sales skyrocket:

1. Website Designing:

For a successful website, creating a creative & appropriate website design is a very important step. Apply some basic web designing techniques along with your ideas like colors, themes, columns, images, content, layout, etc.

2. Appropriate Content:

It is essential to have descriptive & keyword rich content so that it’s beneficial not only to visitors but also to search engine results. Make sure to write relevant content about the services or products that you are promoting on your website.

3. Proper Navigation:

Always remember that navigation links that are at an appropriate location help users to go through your website easily. Don’t forget to check, if there are any broken links on your site, fix them. Reduce complexity of your website, so as to make it user friendly.

4. Balance Text & Graphics Evenly:

Use graphics as users get drawn to images faster than text, but don’t over use images as it may increase the complexity of your site, thus reducing your sales. Another drawback is that search engines cannot understand text, if any, on graphics – however this can be compensated by including the ALT text in an image.

5. Validate & Test Your Website:

To avoid any code issues validate your website according to the W3C standards as well as test your site from all aspects like using different browsers to ensure that your website will load fine for all your customers.

Have a clear understanding of your goals from your website i.e. whether you want your website to generate more leads, get you more sales etc. Approaches vary according to your objectives from the website. The best approach should always be used that can achieve your online goals.

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Top Content Management System Used For Website Development

Remember how the web used to be some 10-15 years ago? It was all static with pages having static web content which required a lot of labor and time whenever any changes were made. Today, that manual procedure has been replaced by a much simpler, quicker and effective system of managing the content of a website. With the advent of content management systems, the process of changing content of websites was automated. Websites built over a CMS allow admin to change the content on the website without manually changing the HTML code or any programming on the website. These things are automatically done by the system and user has to just worry about the content required to be changed.

Developing websites over a CMS is currently the most popular and favorite technique for acquiring web solutions. Clients just need to hire PHP developer from an experienced and well reputed website development company and convey their requirements to them. The rest of the work could be easily and conveniently completed by the developers.

Some of the most popular and effective content management systems are:

WordPress: WordPress is the most dominating CMS available for developing websites. It popularity and effectiveness surpasses that of any other content management system and makes it the most celebrated open source CMS. WordPress has also been adorned with hall of fame award 2010 by Packt Publishing editorial house. WordPress was originally a blogging tool which expanded and enhanced to become a full fledged platform for developing high-end web solutions. Further, it is supported by a huge online community which always ready to help out fellow developers having any problem while developing solutions over it. The wide range of themes and plugins make it a very desirable solution.

Joomla: Joomla is another great CMS having a considerable share among all the websites which is estimated to be around 10%. Joomla is a PHP based system and has MySQL in the back-end. Joomla can be installed, customized and executed very easily. Further, web developers have access to abundant extensions which allow them to create top quality web solutions. Joomla is a very effective CMS for developing e-commerce web solutions having advanced features and enhanced functionalities.

Drupal: This is a little advanced content management system and has a complex programming interface. In-spite of this interface, this CMS is able to provide quick installation along with an easy to manage system. Drupal is also a PHP based system and supports various databases including MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL etc. Drupal is a little complex system which is basically meant for advanced developers and not for completely new entrants.

Sitecore: The Sitecore is a proprietary web content management system which is built upon.Net framework. At the backend it is connected to Microsoft SQL server, Oracle database or the Microsoft Azure. The system is very SEO friendly and allows easy management of website’s content thus helps businesses in achieving their goals. Being a.Net based system, it provides you with a highly secure, robust and reliable web solution that supports multiple languages and allows you to easily develop social communities.

There are many more CMSs available for developing websites but these are some of the most popular and effective ones that are used by almost every website development company for developing web solutions for their clients. Businesses are required to choose the CMS for their website after proper research and analysis as each system has some strong points which makes them a better choice for different requirements.

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Outsourcing Web Development Services – Top 5 Benefits

In the modern era, the vital means to make a venture successful is through online business. It’s through an eye-catchy dynamic website enterprises can meet the verge of spontaneous profit. To have an outstanding website, there are many website development companies round the globe providing professional services like E-commerce, maintenance of website, various portals, graphical designing and other web based customization.

Nowadays, outsource web development services have immensely hit the business strategies and have given the organizations an outstanding means to double the profit with an affordable investment. In the race of outsourcing India is entertained for its world class services of IT, and an outstanding work quality. Indian development companies prevail with dedicated, innovative and proficient website developer with an expertise in technologies like Joomla, PHP, Flex,, Java and other essentials for giving birth to a dynamic, interactive and flawless website.

Hence for an efficient website; top five benefits for outsourcing of web development service in India as following points:

Point one: Money Matters

The key factor for companies to outsource web development services in India is due to the reduced cost of Development. With less input companies get an efficient, flawless and reliable means of output in the form an interactive website. High wages and expensive investment for website development in other countries have turned companies towards India where nominal plans and low investment give clients a right choice for outsourcing of web design and development services in India. Development cost in India gets reduced by 60% as compared to the cost in own countries of the clients. Therefore, outsource website development services in India stand to be the right choice.

Point two: Proficient, dedicated and innovative developers

Apart from project completion at an affordable price the companies looking for outsourcing in India get to hire dedicated web developers who are not only highly skilled but are also innovative, reliable and proficient in tackling the challenging tasks. This is another reason for the companies to go for outsourcing web development services as a low investment will get the business requirement met by experienced and creative developers.

Point three: Maximum profit with proficient web development

Companies that go for outsource website development services in India not only hire dedicated web developer who develop on to give an outstanding work according to the business requirements but also get a chance to work on other aspects of company’s proliferation with every chances to multiply profit.

Point four: Time – the road to business success

Time plays an integral role for the success of a venture, and Web Development Company in India will not only maintain a high level of precision but also will deliver the project successfully within the given span of time.

Point five: Versatility

Website development company in India maintains versatility and specializes to meet a wide spectrum of requirement of website development for purpose of E-Commerce, Finance, Banking, Medical, Marketing and Retail etc.

Thus, the outsourcing option when the website development comes in to play, India – An IT hub, is the best option for companies go for an investment with high quality work and maximum profit.

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Top 5 Worst Web Design Mistakes You Shouldn’t Overlook at Any Cost

In these days, simply having a good-looking website is not enough. It takes a lot more to beat the online competitors and to stand apart in the market. Many businesses fail to capture the online market and eventually lose potential buyers due to the web design mistakes which are often ignored and thus their online reputation is spoiled and leaves them with no returns as expected. Here I have concluded the top 5 worst web design mistakes you shouldn’t overlook at any cost, these web design mistakes are pretty serious and can badly ruin your efforts:

#1: PDF formats for online content

Using PDF formats for online content is the biggest and the worst web design mistakes of all. Basically PDF formats are used for printing documents and are not meant for web browsing. Another big disadvantage of using PDF formats is that users don’t get to operate standard commands available in browsers which are used to print or save web documents. While, also the ability of copy/pasting gets disrupted. In majority of cases, the PDF file layouts are big and don’t go well with the standard size of the browser making it difficult to scroll properly and reading the small bits of scattered content. It also becomes hard to navigate and a great amount of time is needed to load the content.

#2: Media that plays in the background

Days have gone when users admired those websites which had media (music, videos or any other thing) playing in their backgrounds. Oh come’ on this is 21st century guys, where people want full control of their work and want to have things according to their way. If you have any sort of media that plays in the background of your website, remove it at this instant as sounds may disturb the visitor and force him to drive away, same goes with the video content. It also makes your website heavy. If you think it is way too necessary to have these things played in the background of your site then you should give an easy-to-find button for users to switch it off as per their desire. The idea here is to give first priority to a “BIG NO!” when it comes to background media and second priority to “let users decide”.

#3: Color of visited links remains unchanged

Color transformation of visited links help users know which pages they’ve already gone through and what is their current location and which links are still unvisited. This also helps in avoiding hitting the same link repeatedly. This aspect is often neglected and thus creates bad site usability impact on visitors.

#4: Websites developed for specific browser or version

It is not necessary for online visitors to only use specific browser or version for surfing the web. There are infinite choices available. Most of the business owners tend to forget this aspect and design their business websites for particular range of browsers or versions. Instead a website should be compatible with nearly all browsers. Even though it doesn’t open the same way as it does in other browsers but at least having a live website in virtually every browser ensures that you don’t lose a visitor or even a potential customer.

A tip for you: Users will never change their medium for visiting websites; however they can definitely change the platform (website) as per their comfort.

#5: Links popping in another browser window

Links that open in another browser window annoys a user the most. Many web designers have the misconception that by doing so, the user stays on the site rather than bouncing off to another platform. But this is not the case. As it immobilizes the back button which helps a user to go back to the last visited page. This also creates a negative impact on users mind and thus he/she might never come back to your website again.

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Here’s How To Look For A Top Web Design Company

So, are you looking to hire a top web development company? Are you aware of the quality factors that you must look for in a top web design company? What makes one company different from the another? When you are an engaged business owner, you may not get sufficient time to learn about the workings of the internet. Hence, you might not even know what constitutes an exceptional and top web development company.

This article helps you to understand what factors to look for when you are looking for a top web design company. Here are some of the major things that you must consider before finalizing a web development company for yourself.

  • Experience of the web design companies
  • Team members
  • Previous work and portfolio
  • SEO marketing capabilities
  • Office location
  • Website project planning
  • Testimonials and references

Selecting a web design company is almost similar to selecting a builder for your house. Everyone wants a house that looks good, is reliable and serves its purpose to the fullest. In order to achieve this, the first step is finding a company that has a record of proven experience. Make sure that the company has been in the industry for at-least a few years and also ensure that the team members of the company have a good amount of experience in their work domain. Another factor when looking for a top web development company is to ensure that the company has a development team, and not just one team member working on the project. Having multiple members with different skill sets to work on your site, makes sure that the website gets developed in the best way possible.

  • Office location- Make sure that the location of your desired company is somewhere near you so that you can meet them in person, whenever necessary. Knowing exactly the location of your web design company will also prevent the happening of any kind of fraud that may occur with a company that is one person in their basement.
  • The kind of customer service they offer- Always what kind of behavior the staff of the company has with their clients. It speaks about how the company runs their business and develops the products. Make sure to find a company that will always answer your calls and respond to your queries, and makes an update to your website promptly.

To cut things short, you need to find a company that has proven results and one that you can trust with your business and projects. Although the process of selecting a web design company may be a tedious task, the above tips can help you easily make your decision. Go ahead with these tips and may you find a bet designing partner for your website.

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7 Top Reasons For Adopting Responsive Web Design

Around the world, mobile sales have overtaken desktops by leaps and bounds. The number of users turning to tablets and smartphones for browsing the internet or shopping online is growing ever rapidly.

In this highly competitive digital age, where portability is king, it is imperative for businesses to employ responsive website designs to build mobile-friendly websites for their products.

This just might be the best decision you could make for your business. Here are the top seven reasons for you to use responsiveness when building your website:

Google favors responsive web design

Websites with responsive web designs would have the same URLs and HTML codes even when accessed over multiple devices. This makes it easier for Google bots to search, crawl and organize content on your website. To learn more, check out some websites with high Google rankings, and observe the responsive web designs they employ.

Boost User Experience

Responsive Websites offer improved user experience. User experience significantly affects search engine optimization. If your website offers a good browsing experience for your visitors, there are better chances of it ranking higher on Google’s search results. Also, it has been shown that users generally revisit and recommend websites that offer them a good user experience.

Easy to change or update

When you use a website with responsive web design, making changes across various devices is a lot easier, since you have to modify the coding only on one URL. This comes in handy when there are quick changes to be made to the content on your website.

Sharing and linking becomes easier

One of the most important factors when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines is high quality link building. Having the same link for your mobile and desktop versions helps with easy promotion and link sharing. It’s also highly beneficial if you can offer your visitors a single link to share among friends and family.

Faster website load time

Websites that use responsive design generally load much faster than dedicated mobile sites. Some studies have shown that loading speed is an important factor that affects the ranking of websites on search engines.

Cost effective

Responsive web design is considered highly economical, as it saves you from having to build a separate mobile site for your business. The costs involved in developing the mobile version of a website can be quite high.

Lower chances of duplicate content

If you have a separate mobile site for your website, there are chances of Google’s bots interpreting this as duplicate content, which can affect your Google rankings negatively.

A number of brands that build mobile websites in order to reach a larger audience rarely experience the expected growth in business. Responsive web designs, on the other hand, have proven to be extremely effective at building a user base and improving search rankings.

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Top 6 Benefits of Responsive Web Designing

Web development is technically advancing year after year. Many different platforms are available to develop websites. The latest and the popular one is responsive web designing. It is one of the biggest achievements in the web development field because responsive design is a web design that creates a flexible website. In short, it allows sites to react to the size of a user’s screen.

After the welcome of smartphones and tablets, a great amount of online users have shifted to mobile browsing. Therefore, software engineers have introduced a responsive design platform that allows websites to adjust in all types of screen resolutions. Whether it is a mobile screen or a laptop screen, websites can easily adjust to every screen size to provide the best browsing experience. It was 2013 when responsive designing was introduced first. It has created a big revolution in the web world. Here are some great benefits of responsive web design to go through.

  • Supper Flexible: Sites with responsive design are very flexible as explained above. The content, images and even videos, loaded in a site can easily adjust to small screens of mobiles and tablets. The images and the grids of such sites are fluid. Just as liquid easily spreads out, the content of such sites also spread easily.
  • Reach to a Vast Range of Audiences: According to a survey, 40% of online users like to browse sites in their tablets or mobiles. It means if your site is not mobile friendly, you are losing a great deal of audiences. Capture them by considering responsive web design. It enhances the site traffic rate by increasing its visibility.
  • Enhancing Offline Browsing Experience: There is no cut in the screen size. It means all content is visible. The HTML5 offline browsing capability of responsive sites allows easy access in one go. Even in the absence of network, it is possible to move the browsed web page to get the best view of it.
  • No Need of Getting an Additional Mobile Friendly Site: It saves your money that you might plan to spend on creating an additional mobile friendly website. It is an old trend to own two types of websites, one for system browsing and another for mobile browsing. Your one site is enough to operate in both the platforms which is a great saving of money as well as time.
  • Valuable SEO Campaign: Maintaining a mobile friendly site and a desktop friendly site, means duplicate content which is hate by Google. Having one responsive site doesn’t promote duplicate content. You can make your SEO campaign successful and effective with it. Google has given a green signal to such type of site creation.
  • Saving Cost and Time in Management of Your Site: It is natural that when you have one website, you can easily manage it. Saving of money as well as time can be possible. A single site management is not lengthy. You can find top quality assistance in website maintenance at an affordable price.

These are top benefits of responsive website designing.

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Top 7 WordPress Website Design Trends That Will Accelerate In 2020

From its inception 2003 to 2020, the WordPress has also marked major changes with hundreds of themes, plugins, tools and libraries release and the mobile responsiveness with its myriad of the versions. The best content management system platform is leveraged by the 10 million websites across the globe.

Every year a lot has been speculated for the WordPress development and that’s fulfilled with the release of new features. This year 2020, there are some website design trends that will take the center stage. Let’s shed some light on such trends:

1) Go mobile responsive

As the mobile is becoming the primary device, the website development adaptable to a range of devices was started, but the websites not optimized for mobile were poor in designs and ruining the user experience. To better fit in all the content on smaller screens and delight the users, the responsive design becomes a de-facto standard, which will increase in the years to come.

2) It’s the turn of age-responsive

You will find it a bit amusing. Making the website design responsive catering various devices screen size is understood, but how the website design can be made adaptable to the users’ age. As personalization considering the users’ demographics is all the rage, similarly the website will also get customized in an automated fashion like- navigation menus, color contrast, font size and spacing will get changed as per the users’ age.

3) Video headers

Images or videos paints a thousand words. Visuals are better in illustrating the content. According to the Hubspot study, “The 80% of the internet traffic will come through videos in 2018.” With videos, the video headers are also gaining the popularity to better narrate the story and add an appeal to the website by evoking strong emotions.

4) Parallax will prevail

The parallax is an ingenious act that creates a 3D illusion by making the background move at a slower speed than the foreground. The WordPress development company includes the parallax effect in the one-page website to make the site navigation enthralling and let the brands tell their story in a most engaging way. It will remain the favorite of WordPress designers in 2017 as well.

5) Stunning card and grid design

Cards enable the website content segregation into multiple sections that can be easily navigated, work well with mobile devices and makes the content manageable. The ability to experiment with the card-based UI unearth the creative possibilities which make the website content intriguing to read. To stun the users with new design and layouts, the experimentation will continue to increase.

6) Improved attention to typography

Just like images or videos, typography is also picking up the pace where different fonts are displayed in a creative way which grabs the user attention. The excellent textual representation will become a mainstay on the webbed world in 2020 to which the custom WordPress development companies will be paying most attention.

7) Flat colors will become the thing of past

A few years back, the flat design trends were on the rise, but with increasing fame, they have become too common. The flat design problems lead to the invention of new design elements, shadows, overlap and the cards technique through modern technologies, which will become the new website trends in 2020.


With the starting of 2020, the age old WordPress website designing trends will definitely make a shift to stay sync with the customers and the market. The Custom WordPress Development Company by perfectly comprehending all these issues aiming to develop and design the visual appealing, best style and fantastic UI websites. Does it make sense to you? If so, evolve with the technology and trends to step in with what’s coming out this year.

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