Hiring a Complete Web Development Team or Website Developer From Different Locations – Which One?

To make an online business successful the website has to be well designed and developed. Actually it is the user-friendly approach and the easy and perfectly functioning of the website that keeps the user satisfied! Anyways are you satisfied with the site you are having, or do you want to develop a site that can really work for you? For either of the case, you need the best web development team to produce the superb functioning site!

Now you may be thinking why not an individual developer from different places? There are some good reasons to hire a web development team instead of individual developer from different places. Let us know have a look on the matter:

  • If you hire a development team from a company instead of several places, you get the opportunity to build your best team of knowledgeable developers without having to invest too much time to hunt for them at several places. The company is going to place best people for you to take the interview and selection.
  • This is for certain that you need the most experienced developers for your project. But it is a fact that sometimes building a team of completely highly experienced developers is costly. So you can simply ask a company to help you make a web development team which will be a combination of highly experienced and less experienced developers. If you go to choose such developers, there is a chance that you end up choosing useless developers (claim to have knowledge but not really). Why take the chance? Let the company provide you best people.
  • Do you want to bear the expenses of hiring extra developers when any member of the team is not available for health or other issues? Hopefully not! If you build a development team from one place, you can easily hire the replacement to keep your work going? You do not lose the work force to complete your projects on time.
  • One of the most important factors is the coordination! It is really not that much easy to coordinate between the members of web development team if they are from different places. Whatever they are using email, phone or anything! Can you discard the logic of sitting side by side and coordinate in a project for every small and critical problem? This facility can easily be enjoyed if you hire a team from a single company!
  • If you want to get the best development at an affordable price then hiring a web development team from one place is a must. You may easily go for the offshore development services, provided you hire programmers from one company. In the developing countries, like India, this facility is easily available. You just need to choose the best company for you.

From the above major points of consideration I hope you have understood how you may be benefitted if you go for hiring or building a team of developers from one place! Only remember you have to care two things – your proper requirement and the price you want to invest in your project. Depending on these two you can easily build a web development team of your choice from anywhere in the world. Finally make sure the website development company you are trying to choose (may be an offshore website development company or a local one near your business location) is a reputed one and has both offshore and local client and serving the customers with maximum satisfaction.

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Website Keywords – The Mystic of Application in Web Development

Though it is widely accepted that keywords are an important element for a website to be found in search results, keywords possess a more artful role.  In this character, faultless site structure is the basis of a greater dimension.

Title and summary basics

It is imperative that you explore the keyword, and phrases relevant to the theme of your website.  Apply widely used key words, but avoid being too general, as your theme will be overrun by a million other sites in too broad a focus.  Every page should have a keyword rich title consisting of 5 to 9 words, descriptive of your subject matter.  Your summary is a hook, an extremely engaging,concise summation of your web page content. Be unique, compelling, and deliver what you imply.

Body of content

Though your summary and the subheadings of your page may be the object of a visitor scanning, the body of your information is the core.  Follow through with timely reference, events, personal opinion, and most readily relevance, and value.  When using key phrases and words, refrain from overusing the same descriptive.  Too much of a good thing, can be considered as keyword stuffing, and is frowned on by the search engines. Zealous usage, even inadvertently can appear self-promoting.

Built in site branding

Implementing a point of key reference, and advocating this presence through out your site is building a brand into your web presence.  If your theme is the moon walk, every site detail, reference, and intent is about the relevance to your key theme.  Whether moon revelations, treating a redwood deck, or any outreach of your expertise, that may be of value, do not stray from your branding structure.  This endeavor will be carried through in your links, forums, and every outlet that points back to your website, your theme and the original mission of your site presence.

Keywords are lofty and virtuous in their application and function.  Apply them for the magnitude of their reach, and for the shining stars they are. 

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Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring The Best Website Development Company

The website not only helps you to create awareness about your brand in the market, but it improves your revenue by attracting more customers. In order to stay ahead in the competition in this online market, it is essential for you to hire the finest website development company who can help you in building a site with informative content and latest backend technology. But before going further, let’s take a look at the five major benefits of hiring the best web app development partner:

  1. Cost-Efficient: If you opt for developing a website in-house, you need to spend money on hiring developers and R&D team in order to set up a different area for them with all the needed tools and equipment. But if you decide to hire a web development partner, you only have to pay a basic amount to them and get the guarantee of best services. It also helps you eliminate unnecessary operational and labor costs.
  1. Saves A Lot Of Time: By hiring an experienced web development company, you can get assured that you will get an exceptional website built for your business. This lets you save time for your in-house staff so that they can focus on other tasks that are much more important. They can concentrate to adopt the necessary measures in order to enhance the level of their efficiency and productivity.
  1. Take Advantage Of The Latest Web Development Tools & Technologies: Professional website development agencies make sure that they use all the advanced tools and technologies in order to build a unique website. They work on original and innovative ideas so that to create a website which is highly influential and user-friendly. et access If you want to get access to global knowledge and world-class capabilities, you need to hire a seasoned development partner.
  1. Superior Quality Websites: When you hire a proficient web development service provider for building your website, you can be assured to get a high-quality site developed specifically to suit your unique needs. They are expert in transforming your ideas into superior customized websites so that you can enhance the reach of your business.
  1. Completion Of Project Within Deadline: Seasoned web development agencies have to maintain their credibility in the market and that is why they complete all their projects within expected deadlines. By hiring an efficient development partner, you can be assured to get your site built on time so that you can start-up with your other processes related to online marketing.

By considering the above points, you can easily pick the best service provider for your website development project. In case you want to know more about website development, hire the best website development company with an extensive experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and complex web pattern required to create excellent custom websites.

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A Website That Attracts Millions! Here’s How to Build It

So far, websites have become an inseparable part of businesses and organisations. Building a website is pretty much a handy job if you have an efficient website development agency at your end. They are the ones to settle for a reliable framework that will go perfectly with your goals, particular business type and the online exposure you want. With no stress or risks, you can get a beautiful website crafted in no time. However, the website is just a laying stone for your online presence. What are the other mainstay aspects that help it fetch millions of visitors every day from the search engines? Well, here we are to discuss that in the below section. Read on to know the key measures to undertake to make sure that your website is not only crafted and designed well but also help it stand as an out-of-the-box creation.

#1 Get an unforgettable domain name

This is perhaps the first step to make your website an offbeat one from the rest. The domain consists of two segments, one is the extension (like, .au, .ca, .com and .org) and other is the second-level domain that includes the name of the company, service or business name. Obviously, choosing the best combination of both will help you strengthen your business’s credibility. For, the latter, try putting either brand name or keywords with a higher volume of searches.

#2 Partner with a reputed web development firm

An obvious step it is! You need to get a team that has recognition and are reliable enough for any scale of web projects. More the years of their experience more is their ability to mould the website as per your unique requirements.

#3 Great layout and organised structure

Okay, this is a kind of prerequisite to distinguish your website from the peers. A fancy site layout cannot attract visitors, but a clean and professional layout does. Try maintaining one or two synchronised colours for your website as that fosters a brand identity. Likewise, do not opt for a dismantled structure as that hampers navigation. Follow an organised and uniform structure, so that visitors know where the buttons are.

#4 Getting most-engaging content

Engaging content having a touch of the branding elements will do great for your website. While the only secret to keep every visitor hooked is providing helpful, informative, as fun-oriented content, images, graphics and slides, incorporating branding will let visitors perceive that company cares for them and are there just to meet their needs.

#5 Be considerate of the search engine aspects

To make sure website has a great number of visitors flowing in, work on the aspects of SEO beforehand. For keeping the rank of your website higher in the search engines and to escalate traffic visits, you need to add relevant keywords, meta tags, titles and descriptions on every page besides embedding content and developing URLs, because that helps site fetch top rank in the search engine.

Whether you are a small entrepreneur, startup business or an established business house, your online site has to be something more striking than the similar existing sites. While the task of development relies entirely on the hands of your assigned development team, keep close interaction with them to ensure other the site’s above aspects are tweaked well to capture highest visitors.

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Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

In a survey reveals the fact that more than 80% of people prefer to search on mobile instead of a desktop. In 2018 your website must be responsive otherwise you can’t sustain in this fast changeable market.

Now building mobile-friendly website doesn’t take too much time. Coding technology has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and it takes more or less similar time to build like a static site.

We can’t deny the fact that mobile search has gained momentum worldwide in the last couple of years. Keeping it in mind many small and mediocre business owners is preferred mobile-responsive for their business interest. Thatswhy most of the website development company are now focusing on building a responsive website.

Reasons why a mobile-friendly website required in 2018:

1. The mobile search index is now entirely in effect from 2015. You can see there is a different search result in mobile and desktop. Google prefers mobile users search results to Google Ads, Google Local Listing and organically to websites that are mobile-friendly.

2. Searching performed in mobile is higher than desktop. According to study, users are spending maximum time on mobile, and most of the time they buy something online from their smartphone. So it’s quite natural from a business perspective that mobile-friendly user-interface attracts visitors more. Not only mobile friendly website users are inclined towards mobile app. Business owners are given priority to build a mobile app instead to make a website.

3. Since the easy accessibility of the internet, the demand of Smartphone arises drastically in the last 5-6 years. The survey shows that Smartphone users spend time on social media on an average of 4-5 hours daily. It is essential for any businesses to be listed correctly at online and to have a quality web presence that caters user attention. If your business is not showing in the first of SERP pages with specific keywords, means you are missing a potential business market. More than 70% of mobile consumers expect a local business within 5 miles of residence when purchasing something. The aim is to become top in search ranking page whenever a local user is searching for products and services you offer.

4. Still near about 60% website are not mobile-optimized. Now the owner of the site realizes the importance of it. Smart business owners already understand the essence of the internet and its capability to bring customers via organic search. It’s the high time is the time for business who are looking for long-term success! Now user searching behavior is also changing from organic search to voice search. Being a start-up website development company, we encourage users to make a user-friendly responsive website.

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Lifecycle of Website Creation

A website that is created can serve both the personal and professional purposes. Web development was considered a complex and costly process in the past, but now, with advances in technology, it has become a convenient process. The benefits are for both the developers and the users and this is indicated by increased number of websites. The increased space given to the user is the reason why this technology is gaining more value than other technologies.

One interesting thing is the mix of both the personal and professional web space. The start of web was on the idea of purely as a technology that would be used for the sharing of ideas on an academic level, but now this technology has developed as an open public place where a mix of both personal and professional sites is seen. With the passage of time the internet started to fill up with personal web sites, people sharing their personal biographies. After came the great boom of different companies that started to create their websites in order to promote their businesses, but along with the growth of their business, the web grew at an exponential rate and has not stopped ever since. The web started to serve the purpose of an online market where people bought and sold all sorts of products and offered all sorts of services.

Now, starting with the lifecycle of website creation, the team dealing with development evaluates and revises all the information and ideas that are organized by the design team in collaboration with the clients. Web development requires the understanding of all the processes that are a part of creating a website. The development team has the biggest responsibility of concluding the creation of the website. Individuals that are involved in the process of website development tend to put in a unique touch of their own on the site giving it a separate identity.

The process is carried out with the help of various specialized languages such as HTML, Flash. These languages have their own special logics and in order to create a web page that is highly efficient, the web developer should have a firm grip over all these languages the creation and maintenance both come under web development.

As written above, the aim of advances in technology is that a common layman can also easily develop a website of their own when required. Many tools are available online publicly that make the process of development of website easy and convenient. But the thing that there are proper firms established for the sole purpose of developing websites for other organizations clearly state how complex of a process this can be. A lot of troubleshooting is required in this sector of technology and it can only be done by web developers that have a high command over all the process involved in web development.

A large number of technicalities are involved in web development and any firm related to online business should have all the knowledge that could come handy in case of any trouble. They should have all information about web standards, accessibility and browser compatibility. Web standards are of paramount importance as they have been put to set a standard that should be followed in order to meet the purpose it is created for.

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Website Development Strategy

Web development strategy is the most important thing to achieve goals and capture your website visitors. There will be no positive outcome without it and you will not be able to convert your website visitors into prospective clients.

Technology is just a tool, but not a solution. There are many types of business and each has its own goal and target audience. So, before website development, ask yourself the following questions:

What is the goal of my website?

Who are the target audience?

What is my brand equity?

What is the USP of my products and services?

What are the top tasks in my list?

What are the critical success factors?

What are the technical constraints?

Who are my competitors?

When you will hire a web development company, make sure they work on the following things at the beginning and give you a free consultancy:

Business Analysis

Digital Strategy

Social Strategy

SEO Strategy

Market Research

Advertising Campaign Planning

Business Analysis

A web development company can analyze your business from a very unique point which can make yourself prepared for the next moves. Your TO DO list will be much clearer.

Digital Strategy

This is the most important section for brand building. It varies from Business-to-Business and from Person-to-Person. The website design will be depended upon your target audience, the area of your business, your products and services. Uniqueness of your website design is the best policy for brand identity.

Social Strategy

Now-a-days everyone is excited and talking about social media. There are many social media websites which can be helpful for your business growth and to share your website content to increase the inflow of your website visitors. So, the website development company should tell you what are the best social media platforms for your business and how they are going to incorporate them in your site.

SEO Strategy

You have a preferred list of keywords & key-phrases that you want your target audience to use in a major search engine like Google and see your site in top list. You can share the preferred keyword list with the website development company or if you don’t have any idea, ask them about the keywords or key-phrases related to your business. They can analyze and tell you which keywords/key-phrases are good for optimization. The website content should also be well-written and keyword specific. If your web development company can do copy-writing, it’s well & good.

Market Research

If you want to be successful online, you should have a clear understanding of your competitors’ plus points and minus points. The web development company should be able to do the competitor analysis in respect of their web presence, SEO effectiveness and social presence. In this process you will be able to understand who is popular and doing great. Accordingly you can build your own online strategy.

Advertising Campaign Planning

You can discuss with your web development company what are the best options for advertising and which will drive more traffic to your site.

So, make sure you hire a professional web development company.

Best of Luck for your next web project!

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4 Exclusive Features That Give an Edge to Your Ecommerce Website Development

The dream of every entrepreneur stepping into the world of ecommerce is to take their business to a new height of success. A loyal customer base, lots of traffic on the online store and sale of products is what every business owner wishes for.

But what does it take to achieve this goal and make the online business profitable?

The most important step is to choose an ecommerce website development company that provides the necessary features like SEO ready platform, multiple payment options for convenience of the customers, a full-fledged online shopping cart etc. for building an online store. On top of all these features, there are 4 essential features that can give you a winning edge.

What are those features?

Take a look!

Easy search and navigation- What do the customers do while searching for a specific product at any online store? They simply go to the search bar and type the name of the product. If they are not able to find the product, they would simply visit some other online store and start searching. If finding the desired product becomes difficult because of a bad search results then it ultimately affects the sales of the online store. In the same way, the navigation functionality also plays a key role that helps in saving the time of customers in selecting a product and proceeding towards the checkout. Hence an ecommerce website development platform that prioritizes implementing proper techniques for making navigation and searching easy should always be a part of the checklist.

Mobile ready platform- To be a part of the race, your online store must be mobile friendly. Customers nowadays prefer shopping using their mobile phones. Hence a vast portion of the profit is obtained from the mobile users. By implementing various techniques like push notifications, offering reward systems and exclusive content, you can increase the customer loyalty. If you choose an ecommerce website development company that does not provide a mobile-ready platform, then you are likely to lose a significant portion of traffic and sales. Ensure that you do not miss this point.

Product reviews- Only the customers who have purchased and approved your products can give the genuine review of the products. Product reviews are always helpful in encouraging the customers in making their decision regarding the purchase of the product. An ecommerce website development company that provides the feature of product reviews can grab the attention of other potential customers who are planning to buy products from your site. These genuine reviews can ultimately increase the sales of your online store. Thus, products review is a must-have feature.

Product Wishlists- Often customers find certain products they are in love with while searching for something else. A provision that allows customers to save certain products which they want to view and purchase later is necessary. Providing the wishlist feature is the best way to convince customers to visit the store again and purchase the products. It also helps the store owners in measuring the interest of various customers regarding their products.

A platform that provides all the mentioned features can be a perfect fit for all your ecommerce needs and assist you in creating a full-fledged online store. Make a wise choice in selecting the most suitable ecommerce website development platform to make a website that can build customer trust, bring better sales and profits.

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5 Popular Web Application Frameworks for Building Your Website in 2018

2018 is the year of mobile applications and the right time to obtain mobile application development services. Well, there is no denying to that. But if you thought that with the advent of mobile apps, the popularity of web application frameworks has died down, you might be a bit wrong. Approach a web application development company and they will tell you about the pretty much existing frameworks that still rock the world of web.

However, when it comes to building web applications, you need to keep mobile competition in perspective and develop a modernized and marketable application for your business. If the need be, you should approach a company that offers custom web development services according to your requirements. But before do that, we bring will provide you with information about some popular web application frameworks for building your website in 2018. Let’s understand about these frameworks in detail:

1. Node.js:

Ever since its introduction in the year 2011, Node.js been a favorite application framework amongst the developers. It helps them to build swift and scalable programs. This is because Ryan Dahl, the creator has built the framework in such a way that it enables the developers to manage several connections at once. It also enables them to create networking tools and web servers with the help of JavaScript and its modules which are responsible for different core functionalities.

2. React.js

Facebook along with a developers group maintains React.Js It is an open source Java script library that enables web app developers to design huge web applications. These applications consume a large amount of data and you can modify them when you do not have to reload the page. The reason professional website development companies recommend this framework in 2018 is because it offers scalability, simplicity, and speed. You can use them along with other JavaScript frameworks or libraries in MVC.

3. Angular.js

AngularJs is yet another JavaScript framework. You can add it to HTML web page through a tag. It impasses knowledge to HTML with the help of extensions and it extends HTML features through directives. If you want to create dynamic web applications, it has a perfect structural framework. Also, it enables you to make use of HTML as your template language. Thanks to its data binding and dependency injection, you can keep the cumbersomeness coding at bay.

4. Express.js

A perfect framework for those who think less is more! Yes, if you are looking for a flexible and minimalistic open-source framework, Express.js is what you should go for. Developers love to use it as it is very easy to develop and flexible. With the help of NPM modules, they enhance the functionality of your website framework. The best part? Developers just need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript and a little understanding of MongoDB. As it supports dynamic code, your app code won’t be complicated.

5. Laravel

Last, but not the least, comes the most popularly used PHP development framework, Laravel. It is quite versatile and developers can use it for creating web and mobile frameworks for an array of businesses. It offers several advantages not just to the app owners but also to developers. Laravel has numerous features including database migration, bcrypt hashing, MVC Support, password reset and security. If you are looking for an extremely secure and flexible framework that makes the most out of MVC, Laravel is what you need to go for in the year 2018.

We are sure you might have heard about the above-mentioned frameworks. Web application development companies use many other frameworks to develop web applications but according to us; these will be the frontrunners this year.

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Website Development Company

Put rightly, website design services are different from website development services. A website development company offers both web design as well as web development services. A smart development company is one that offers affordable and ready-to-implement web services for any kind of business model. This is only possible, if a company has well organized team of web developers who are efficient enough to take on the website development projects on individual basis, besides, conversing one-to-one with the clients


With the need for a comprehensive business website increasing more than ever, the companies look for affordable web solutions that give meaning to their business prospects. However, there are many of the website development companies that actually don’t offer you what you need. And even still further, those who offer the services you are looking for, don’t actually fit into your budget framework.

A good website development company will offer what you need to carry forward your ebusiness prospects. A website development company offering completely tailored web application development solutions needs to get accustomed to the fast changing web technologies and the business orientations on the whole. Therefore, in the process, they should make the website as proactive and practical as possible. Not only this, a professionally managed web development company should keep enhancing the tools of a website from time to time, so that the client’s requirements remain updated with the changing trends.

Over a complete website development project cycle, there are 7 basic points. These include:

o Analyzing Web Development Requirements on one-to-one basis

o Developing the Project Plan in Consultation with the Client

o Developing a Website Prototype and see what are the loopholes

o Development of complete website

o Testing the website over the staging server

o Round the clock technical support

o Updations and Maintenance

The key structure of any web development company is organized and based entirely on:

o The Need for Web Development

o Making an RFP and offering it to the Client

o Developing the Concept and the Content of the Website

o Going for Product Photography, if the need is required

o Making Flash Intros and developing concept based animations

o HTML Coding and Java Scripting

Look for the best web development company that can help you in realizing your online business goals in a more effective manner and give you fabulous online presence altogether. Because your online presence really counts!

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